McFarland School District Facility Improvements

Meeting School District Community Growth & Programming Needs

Expansion and improvements to McFarland Schools are part of a 65.1 million dollar school referendum approved by voters in fall 2016. All projects are designed to accommodate ongoing community growth and match the district’s high-quality educational and community-based programming needs.

Conrad Elvehjem Early Learning Center/McFarland Primary School – Demolition of McFarland Primary School. Additions and renovations to bring K-2 students and staff together in one building with improved learning spaces.

Indian Mound Middle School – New 2-story classroom addition, renovated classrooms, and gym expansion.

Waubesa Intermediate School – New classrooms, cafeteria, and a larger library. Special service space for occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Maintenance work for plumbing, heating and cooling systems, technology wiring, roofs, windows, and doors.

McFarland High School – The swimming pool and auditorium, both constructed in 1978, will be replaced and reopen in time for the 2020-21 school year. The new pool will allow for eight lanes running north to south and ten lanes east to west with balcony seating for events. The 850-seat new auditorium will have fly space, backstage workspace, dressing and green rooms. A second story is being added above the existing district office, and the technology education area will be renovated to better suite department needs. The addition of an 81-stall parking lot for staff and building guests will also occur.

High School Stadium – The school’s natural surface football field will be replaced with a synthetic turf field, and the track is being reconstructed and shifted slightly to allow space for the building expansion. Synthetic turf withstands frequent use better than a natural field, which is important as field use continues to increase for extra circulatory school functions.

New Baseball Field Complex – To make room for the high school expansion, the existing baseball field and outfield practice area, which is currently used for Physical Education classes, band, football, and soccer practice, is being relocated. Grading began in November 2017 and is now complete. Two new baseball fields will be built in spring 2018. The varsity field will have synthetic turf. Seeding will occur in summer 2018, so the fields are ready for play in April 2019.

Stormwater, Access, & Space Challenges

Project challenges included stormwater management requirements and existing undersized storm sewer systems within public right-of-ways. As a result, seven basins will address the requirements for rate control, water quality, and infiltration. Stormwater, access, and space challenges are addressed using steep slopes, retaining walls, and relocating the baseball and practice fields. Coordinating the completion of building additions without disruptions to school schedules with everyday pedestrian and vehicle traffic is also a challenge requiring careful planning and foresight.