Prairie Heritage Civic Plaza

In 2006, Snyder & Associates began initial planning for the 8th Street Corridor Master Plan that prompted the idea to develop the area into a community-wide plaza park. The idea evolved partially due to its centralized location, connection to residential areas and businesses, and pedestrian links throughout the community. Snyder & Associates was commissioned to complete the master plan and study the idea in depth to determine the feasibility of a civic park in Altoona. From these initial concepts, we developed the Civic Plaza Master Plan that realized the possibility of accommodating large-scale community events such as farmers markets, art fairs, and local music. The master plan has guided us through the process of phase 1 construction, which was recently completed with Larson and Larson contractors.

The project incorporates a performance stage, concession stand/restroom building, pavilion, entry fountain, splash grounds, stormwater management practices, wetland, pond and fountain, permeable pavers, elevated sculptural garden, natural waterfall feature, trail system, lighting, irrigation, and plantings. Community events programmed into the park include farmers markets, art fairs, concerts, weddings, and local organization gatherings.

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