Bicycles & Pedestrians

Building Active Transportation Networks

For the experienced team at Snyder & Associates, transportation planning and design is about more than providing a means of travel between two locations. It’s about creating safe, efficient networks that reduce our dependence solely on motorized travel and serve users of all ages and physical abilities. From promoting health and exercise to reducing traffic congestion and environmental impact, multimodal transportation is important to community well-being and long-term sustainability.

With a focus on complete streets concepts, ADA compliance, and the needs of diverse user groups, we work with community leaders and stakeholders to create active transportation networks that encourage and support non-motorized travel.

Integrating Multiple Modes of Transportation

From ample sidewalk widths to bike or bus-exclusive lanes, streetscapes, and pedestrian plazas, how modes of travel are integrated has a lasting impact. As a result, careful thought, planning, and implementation are essential to effectively accommodate bicyclists, pedestrians, and individuals with mobility challenges.

Starting with an assessment of your current bike and pedestrian infrastructure, we analyze the implications of existing and future traffic operations, identify areas for improvement, and strategize how to provide the best accommodations.

Our Expertise Includes:


Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

We can help determine the best route and select the correct facility to streamline how all modes of travel are safely accommodated.


Intersection Treatments

Safety is the number one concern when multiple modes of transportation meet. Our experienced team provides traffic intersection analysis and design with a focus on the needs of all users.


Multi-use Trails & Side Paths

Having accomplished over 300 miles of paved trails and side paths, we recognize how these facilities compliment on-street accommodations by providing users with safe routes removed from the general flow of traffic.


Wayfinding Signage

Working closely with local agencies, key stakeholders, and the public, we identify wayfinding needs and develop signage systems for a user-friendly navigation experience.


Bicycle Parking

Destination facilities are an essential element of active transportation networks. Taking demand, location, feasibility, and other factors into account, we provide bicycle parking and support facility design services.

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