Development Reviews

Today’s fluctuating development market means that developers looking to invest want assurances of timely development reviews, a predictable process, and clear expectations. Our staff understands what it takes to create beneficial partnerships that are profitable and enhance the quality of life within communities.

Single point of contact:

  • Effective communicator
  • Coordinates all of Snyder’s efforts
  • Develops knowledge of City infrastructure, long-term goals, and precedents
  • Coordinates with other consultants

Resource for staff:

  • Extension of City staff
  • Reports directly to City staff
  • Reports to Council as needed
  • Frontline assistance for difficult projects
  • Trusted partner

Attention to detail:

  • Plan for future development/service areas
  • Minimize maintenance/operational costs
  • Understand and convey City standards
  • Provide comprehensive development reviews
  • Quality control review for municipal projects

Predictable development review process:

  • Pre-application meetings
  • Define issues
  • Communicate requirements
  • Consistent interpretation
  • Reasonable approach
  • Careful implementation of regulations
  • Communication tools
  • Checklists, schedules, and forms