Drinking Water

Commitment to Quality & Client Success

Innovative and affordable solutions deliver water from its source through treatment and final delivery to users. To help provide safe drinking water, we analyze water systems and provide alternatives that meet your needs while considering budget constraints. Working closely with our clients to maintain the project focus, budget, and schedule while monitoring a variety of factors guides project success.

As a multifaceted consulting firm, we have multiple water projects in-house at all times. The firm closely matches professional resources with project workload, so that personnel is available to respond to client needs. Project success is our marketing plan; therefore, we are careful not to pursue projects that will adversely affect work already underway. Our team can meet the proposed demands of the project in a timely and effective manner within budget restraints. We have a proven track record and genuine interest in your success.

Determining Water System Needs

Many facilities are facing new regulatory requirements or changing source water chemistry that existing systems are unable to meet. More advanced treatment systems can be costly and unfamiliar for personnel to operate. To determine your needs, a thorough system evaluation and well-developed plan are essential. Our team has the knowledge and experience to identify sustainable solutions and provide recommendations for meeting your goals. With licensed operators on staff, we can also help operate new facilities until your staff is familiar with the new technology. We have built relationships with both large and small clients and can meet the needs of any project.

Our services include:


System Analysis & Planning

Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing facility or build new, cost-effective decisions and intelligent solutions begin with water system analysis. Condition assessments and treatment performance analysis are useful in developing capital improvement plans and assisting with budgetary forecasting to maintain water infrastructure.

Meeting with you to determine your requirements and obtain all information about the water system is an important step. Systems are evaluated according to current codes, regulations, and design standards. Following a water system evaluation, a water study or engineering report that provides comprehensive insight of all water system components may be necessary. This includes reviewing source water data, evaluating the treatment process, and analyzing the distribution system using a hydraulic model or other data.

Based on our evaluation and results of the study, we will compile recommendations for your needs. This planning document will report our findings and assist you in obtaining project funding. We can also complete design and bid documents to make the desired improvement a reality.


Funding Assistance

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the steps necessary to acquire funding for improvements. We are familiar with various funding sources and their requirements. Traditional funding sources for drinking water projects include a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), State Revolving Fund (SRF), and United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA RD) loans.



The permitting process for water projects can be complicated, particularly when receiving funding assistance. For this reason, it’s critical to work with a firm that’s familiar with the requirements. Our team has an extensive background in all areas of permitting and works directly with regulatory staff. Each project is unique with numerous conditions to meet before permits become available. We coordinate with regulatory agencies daily, especially in the early stages of a project, to keep the project on schedule.

The approval for construction of water systems is administered by government regulators and requires the completion of a Water Facility Plan. The SRF Construction Loan also requires an approved report and biddable construction drawings and specifications.  If you elect to utilize the SRF Construction Loan, we can assist with streamlining the loan application process.


System Design

Clear and concise bidding documents are essential to accurately estimate construction costs and obtain competitive bids. We have a proven track record of consistently producing high-quality construction plans and specifications that contractors are comfortable with, which is reflected in the bid price.


Distribution System Design

Our experience with new water systems ranges from simple water main extensions to the construction of large diameter transmission mains through urban areas. Larger water distribution systems are typically analyzed utilizing hydraulic modeling, while smaller systems are evaluated through data collection and analysis.

Following analysis, we provide project recommendations to supply water to customers through well site selection, water mains, pump stations, and water storage facilities. Multiple options are considered to determine the optimal solution for the unique circumstances of each project. Recommendations may include multiple pressure zones or sites for pump stations to increase system water pressure. Pump stations can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing when located in neighboring subdivisions. Planning includes how to properly size and best locate water storage facilities including both ground and elevated tanks. Our professional team has successfully designed numerous pump station and storage systems ranging from small individual pump stations serving neighborhoods to large multi-pump facilities. We also have experience designing control systems to facilitate operator control and optimize electrical costs.


Treatment Process Design

Our experience ranges from simple disinfection systems to full-scale treatment facilities for both ground and surface water supplies. Through analysis of water quality data, we provide complete treatment process design for providing safe drinking water. Experienced operation personnel on staff can provide assistance to start-up, maintain, and operate new facilities.