Our goal is to help our clients use stormwater to their advantage by managing the highs and lows of stormwater availability. The benefit of stormwater management is flood prevention and control, maintaining or improving water quality, and preventing or reducing erosion potential.  Aesthetic, recreation, and safety are the resulting, key components to ensure infrastructure sustainability through stormwater management.

Our expertise includes:

  • Rural and urban stormwater management planning
  • Watershed Management Authority formation
  • Stormwater utility studies
  • Green infrastructure planning and design
  • Pipe and manhole rehabilitation planning and design
  • Iowa SRF sponsored projects planning and implementation
  • Asset management (GIS mapping, inventory database, inspection)
  • Water quality modeling
  • Hydrologic modeling
  • One dimensional hydraulic modeling
  • Two-dimensional hydraulic modeling
  • FEMA compliant floodplain modeling and mapping
  • FEMA map revisions (LOMA, LOMR)
  • Obtaining approval from regulatory agencies, as needed
  • Obtaining available funding, as needed