Long-term Project Assistance

Regulatory changes and design life thresholds have deemed many wastewater systems across the nation in need of repair. By collecting and treating domestic, commercial, and industrial sewage, wastewater systems protect water quality. They are instrumental in controlling the spread of disease and protecting public health, making water reclamation and treatment a top priority and growing concern.

Through diverse professional resources in-house, we specialize in the design, building, maintenance, and operation of wastewater facilities. When it comes to funding, we know what’s possible and are prepared to assist you in applying for the funds needed to make your project possible. Once the project is complete, we remain part of your team, readily available to provide guidance when questions arise. We have walked numerous communities of all sizes through this process and understand the challenges you face in achieving state and federal water quality requirements

Determining Your Wastewater System Needs

Many utilities are facing new regulatory requirements that their existing treatment systems are unable to meet. In addition, alternative treatment systems are often radically different and unfamiliar to the operations team. As regulations continue to evolve, including more stringent requirements, a thorough system evaluation and a well-developed plan are critical to project success. Our team has the knowledge and experience to identify sustainable solutions and provide recommendations for meeting the needs of any demand. With licensed operators on staff, we can temporarily help operate facilities until your staff is familiar with the new technology.

Our expertise includes:


System Analysis & Planning

With expert staff on-hand, we provide sewer system modeling, condition assessments, inflow and infiltration analysis, and treatment facility performance analysis. These resources are integral to develop cost-effective capital improvement plans and assist with budgetary forecasting to maintain wastewater infrastructure.


Funding Assistance

A wealth of knowledge and experience regarding various funding sources and their unique requirements has prepared us to guide you through the steps necessary to acquire critical project funding. Traditional funding sources include the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), State Revolving Fund (SRF), and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA RD) Loans.



The permitting process for water projects can be complicated, particularly when receiving funding assistance. For this reason, it’s critical to work with a firm that’s familiar with funding requirements. Our team of wastewater professionals has an extensive background in all areas of permitting and works directly with regulatory staff. Each project is unique with numerous conditions to meet before construction permits become available. We coordinate with regulatory agencies daily, especially in the early stages of a project, to keep everything on schedule.


System Design

We have a proven track record of consistently producing high-quality construction plans and specifications that contractors are comfortable with, which is reflected in the bid price. Clear and concise bidding documents are essential to accurately estimate construction costs and obtain competitive bids.


Gravity Sewer Design & Operation

Gravity sewers were one of the earliest methods of wastewater management. Over time, numerous improvements to piping systems have changed how wastewater is transported from houses, buildings, and industrial facilities. Our experience with new gravity sewer systems ranges from a simple development sewer extension to the construction of large diameter trunk sewers through congested urban areas. Regardless of project size, we have the resources needed to provide sustainable solutions.


Pump Station & Force Main Design

While gravity sewers typically convey wastewater, on occasion, elevation restrictions or topographic features require the use of pressurized sewers to convey wastewater downstream. Our team has designed numerous pump station and force main systems ranging from small, individual pump stations to large, multi-pump facilities capable of pumping millions of gallons per day. By evaluating multiple options, the optimum solution is implemented for the unique circumstances of each project. We also have experience designing complex control systems including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), variable frequency drive (VFD), and eddy current drive speed systems.


On-Site Private Treatment System Design

Remote areas without access to public sewer infrastructure often utilize on-site treatment methods to manage wastewater such as septic tanks, sand filters, lateral fields, aerobic treatment units, and land application. Every location presents unique challenges, so we approach with an open mind and communicate regularly with clients to guide implementation of the best solution for their system needs. Our team is well-versed in regulatory requirements and has successfully designed numerous wastewater treatment systems on-site.


Treatment Facility Design

From simple lagoon systems to fixed film mechanical plants and complex activated sludge treatment facilities, we’re prepared to help. Additionally, we can assist with disinfection systems such as chlorination/de-chlorination or UV. Staff engineers on our team, that are licensed wastewater operators, can guide startup and stabilization of your new system.