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Reminiscing Our Heritage: Message from Snyder & Associates’ President

When Dennis Snyder and Stephen Rowe founded Snyder & Associates, they did so with not much more than a humble vision, perseverance, and desire to succeed. Their focus was on responsive, personal service in order to guide clients with creative solutions for complex challenges. At the heart of every project, was an opportunity to improve the quality of life within the communities they served.

Today, we continue to honor the core values and vision set forth long ago. Enduring partnerships and innovative solutions remain a building block of the success we share with our clients. By taking a collaborative, forward-thinking approach to address and overcome the evolving challenges of our industry, we have grown individually and as a team. Through a combination of unique experiences and continuous improvement, we have developed expertise and become more confident of our capabilities.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to our clients and staff. In the months ahead, we will commemorate this milestone with a variety of special events, videos, online content, and more.

Over the last four decades, we have achieved a lot together. We are inspired by challenges, equipped with key resources, and motivated to provide long-term, sustainable solutions.

Yet what matters most, is what we do next — and I am confident the best is yet to come.


Dave Moeller, PE
Snyder & Associates, Inc.

Learn more about the history, culture, and values that have guided our accomplishments.

Steve Rowe, Co-founder of Snyder & Associates, joins current and past employees to reflect upon the firm’s inception and major milestones.

We’re committed to the long-term success of our clients.

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