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capital improvement planning case study

Federal Funding and Financial Planning Facilitate Capital Improvements Discovering funding sources is an essential piece of a successful Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Snyder and Associates’ municipal engineering expert Dave Sturm, PE, PLS, shares the process that helped

From irrigation and drainage to turf and amenities, several factors go into designing a state-of-the-art sports complex and each selection affects the timing of construction. View a sample schedule and gain insights to improve the design process.

Learn details on the design and construction process for a typical public bid project. Along with tips for navigating the construction process and sample construction schedules.

Learn how our team helps real estate developers perform pre-acquisition due diligence, project planning, and construction scheduling that avoids lost revenue.

Unpredictable weather events are becoming more frequent, our experts share their response to the challenge and experience in promoting resilient design.

women hand shielding small plant with the text Climate Change Impacts Plant Selection text to the left

Climate Change Shifts Plant Hardiness & Material Selection

While the changes may appear gradual, native plant materials are struggling to adapt to the fluctuations in temperature, water cycles, and other environmental conditions. Snyder & Associates’ Landscape Architects converse on shifts in plant zone hardiness and the evolving plant material landscape.

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