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A real-world Pavement Management Plan utilization scenario is explored from our client community, Knoxville, Iowa.

City of Knoxville Client Case Study

To add a little bit of that discussion on my end and experiences working with the City of Knoxville in preparing their Pavement Management Plan. Within that document, there’s a ton of maps that we provided the city as an appendix in that plan. Those maps were identified as each year’s commitment on what corridors were recommended and what roadways were recommended for what type of rehab or replacement.

There’s some flexibility in that CIP and that commitment that the city wanted to make, but they have that document to reference back to and we’ve received some very positive feedback from the client on that. They have pulled out that document on numerous occasions when citizens come in and complain about certain pavement conditions in front of their house. They have that document to pull out and show the commitment that the city’s wanting to make and improve the pavement condition through the city. It also identifies each year in the original plan of when that particular citizen’s roadway might be improved. That gives a little bit of ease to that property owner, knowing that it is on their radar, that they do know that it’s an issue, and it will happen here at some point in the future when the city is able to address that particular corridor.

It’s helped them in the past and we’ve received some positive feedback from them on providing those maps so that it’s a good visual reference that they can make if need be.

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