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A Five-year Plan for DCCB Success

The Dallas County Conservation Board Strategic Plan is a document designed to guide budgeting and decision-making over a five-year period. The purpose of the plan is to:

  • Identify opportunities and challenges facing the Dallas County Conservation Board (DCCB)
  • Determine public satisfaction and knowledge of existing programs and facilities
  • Determine public priorities for programming and facilities
  • Identify marketing options including key messages and themes
  • Develop goals along with short, mid, and long-term objectives
  • Identify evaluation metrics for each objective
  • Determine an implementation process and an appropriate update cycle for the plan

The planning process included visioning with the Strategic Plan Committee, a community survey, and a public engagement meeting.

A meeting with the Strategic Plan Committee.

Visioning took place over a series of meetings with the Strategic Plan Committee (SPC), which included Board members, volunteers, and staff. The first meeting identified strengths and weaknesses of the DCCB during a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis activity.

DCCB Strengths & Opportunities

  • Environmental and nature education programs
  • Opportunity for water trails
  • Number and usage of multi-purpose and hiking trails
  • Community support
  • Marketing materials
  • Leadership, dedicated staff
  • Public demand
  • Accessibility

DCCB Weaknesses & Threats

  • Costs and funding assistance sources
  • Retiring leadership, workload burden for staff
  • Politics
  • Lack of support or resources for water quality initiatives
  • Low volunteerism, burnout of existing volunteers
  • Safety (low-head dams and liability concerns)
  • Population growth and sprawl in the eastern portion of the county (western Des Moines metro area)
  • Negative public perception
  • Urban-rural dynamics
  • Distractions from nature

Four Goals for the Future

Over 400 people completed an opinion survey, which was well above the target rate, allowing for statistically significant analysis of the results. Based on the survey results and meetings with the Strategic Plan Committee, four goals were developed to guide the DCCB over the next five years.

  • Improve public awareness of the DCCB
  • Increase recreational and environmental tourism
  • Improve ecological management and environmental education
  • Enhance the quality of parks and recreational opportunities

The goals are divided into two categories—strategic marketing and environmental and ecology. Each goal has a corresponding set of objectives with evaluation criteria for each objective. The plan is designed to build awareness of the DCCB over the next five years in order to build support for its mission and future efforts.

The plan was adopted for use by the Dallas County Conservation Board in November 2017.

Snyder & Associates provided planning, visioning, and graphic design assistance to guide project success.

To learn more, view the complete strategic plan.