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Maximizing Property Use & Functionality

The Goodman Community Center, Madison, Wisconsin’s largest community center, is poised to better serve community needs with the recent renovation of the historic Madison Brassworks facility. The façade of the building was restored along with 30,000 sq. ft. of inside space that will be used to provide education, employment, and enrichment programming to youth in need and the general public. Completed in two phases, this project involved:

  • Renovating and reconfiguring the Goodman Community Center’s original facilities located in the Ironworks building, which is a former factory.
  • Adding early childhood and elementary classrooms.
  • Consolidating fitness programs into the gym.
  • Creating more space for seniors.
  • Expanding the food pantry.
  • Providing additional community gathering space.

Located on the popular Capital City Bike Trail, the main entrance of the Center is situated on the trail, allowing easy access to the facility for trail users. The purchase of the Brassworks Building was made possible with donations received through the Even Greater Good Campaign.

An adjacent landowner donated land to expand on-site parking for the Goodman Community Center. A certified survey map (CSM) was completed by our team to successfully complete the land swap. By maximizing the use of the site space and utilizing existing parking lot grades, additional parking stalls were created without the need for stormwater management permitting. This was critical to the project because available green space and parking are limited onsite. Snyder & Associates also navigated the City of Madison’s permitting process for the CSM and site approvals to help guide project success. Construction began in summer 2017 and concluded in August 2018.