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Shuck-Britson and Snyder & Associates provided the City of Council Bluffs with a cost-effective solution to address ongoing maintenance, corrosion, and safety issues associated with the existing steel bridge deck located over Kanesville Blvd/U.S. Hwy 6 near Ridge Street. Our approach required little demolition to maintain the use of concrete for the deck surface.

Concrete Overlay.

Stay-in-place galvanized steel deck forms have been used extensively in the building industry for many years. This non-typical application of the forms was used as an overlay of the existing steel deck to help minimize the cost of removal and modification of the pedestrian bridge. The deck fit between the existing girders and stiffeners, allowing the contractor to simply trim and fit the integral pour-stop/drip edge between the stiffeners. Application of the forms over the existing deck allowed traffic on the major thoroughfare to continue with minimal interruption or delays during the project. Wire mesh reinforcing was installed on the decking, and concrete was pumped from street level then placed and finished by hand. A crowned deck profile helps achieve positive drainage and will help minimize previous drainage issues. The new reinforced concrete deck provides a safer walking surface with a typical sidewalk winter maintenance program.

The structural bridge design provides a safe pedestrian access route to nearby schools, hospitals, and businesses. The structure was originally constructed in the 1970s and was in need of significant rehabilitation and aesthetic improvements. The bridge deck was in need of serious repair due to many years of poor drainage and showed signs of significant corrosion and structural failure. The existing safety fence was also stretched and sagging, and the overall appearance of the structure was not aesthetically pleasing.