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Creating a Civic Park in Altoona

Snyder & Associates began the initial planning for the 8th Street Corridor Master Plan that prompted the idea to develop the area into a community-wide plaza park. The idea evolved partially due to its centralized location, connection to residential areas and businesses, and pedestrian links throughout the community.

Snyder & Associates was commissioned to complete the master plan and study the idea in depth to determine the feasibility of a civic park in Altoona. From these initial concepts, we developed the Civic Plaza Master Plan that realized the possibility of accommodating large-scale community events such as farmers markets, art fairs, and local music.

Centrally located in Altoona, Iowa, this community plaza incorporates a performance stage, pavilion, concession stand, and other amenities including:

Stream & Wetland Mitigation

To compensate for the loss of 0.39 acres of wetland and approximately 1,000 linear feet of stream which occurred as part of the project, we developed a restoration plan and mitigation concept. The plan involved constructing 0.85 acres of palustrine wetlands on-site, relocating the stream, and constructing 125 linear feet of stream.

Four of approximately 11 acres that comprise the project site were impacted due to construction over the past twenty years. These impacts include:

The purpose of the mitigation was to assure no net loss of wetlands and to replace those destroyed with wetlands that meet or exceed the original wetlands’ function and value. As a result, the mitigation site achieved the following functions:

Mitigation monitoring of the site began in 2012 post construction and continued through 2017. During monitoring, the site contained minimal invasive species and a variety of native forbs and grasses, demonstrating that the native environment can blend well with today’s urban setting.

Environmental Services Provided: