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Council Bluffs Infrastructure Reconstruction Project Upgrades South 1st Street Network

South 1st Street cuts through a bustling residential neighborhood on the east side of Council Bluffs. This historic neighborhood dates to the turn of the 20th century and much of the infrastructure at this location was originally constructed without storm sewers and on moderately sloped grades with narrow rights-of-way. The South 1st Street reconstruction project is part of a multi-phase initiative to improve neighborhood streets throughout the community. The professionals with Snyder & Associates were hired to create a comprehensive plan that considered continued traffic flow in the area, as well as full access for residents during construction.

Prior to reconstruction, this short section of Langstrom Street was in very poor condition.

Streets that are thirty years old or more have typically outlived their service life. In many cases, the only remedy is a complete reconstruction, which can cost significantly more than a minor street rehabilitation project. Reconstruction consists of completely removing the existing pavement. Occasionally, the subbase layer may also need to be rebuilt. If poor subgrade soils are found under the pavement, new aggregate subbase material can be placed and compacted, or the old pavement material can be pulverized and compacted. A new asphalt or concrete surface is then placed on top. Curbs and sidewalks are often replaced, as well, as part of an urban road reconstruction project.

Reconstructed streets are designed to last for thirty years or longer. However, with a proper pavement preservation policy and applied techniques, they can last far beyond their design life.

Construction Efforts Transform Local Corridor

Reconstruction on the South 1st Street project included the complete removal and replacement of numerous streets, driveways, and sidewalk pavements, along with sanitary sewers in the right-of-way. The project also included the construction of new storm sewers and intakes. Street cross-sections and profiles were revised when conditions allowed, meeting current Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS) standards. Construction efforts were carefully staged to maximize access to homes and limit disruption within the neighborhood.

The Snyder & Associates team oversaw the geotechnical engineering contractor and completed all other aspects of this comprehensive project in-house. Our team recommended the use of carefully planned construction phases that broke the project into service basin areas with reasonable construction timelines.

Our team also evaluated the existing drainage and sanitary sewer service areas along the corridor, provided a concept development for new storm sewers, and provided construction observation over the entirety of the project. Options of probable cost for sanitary sewer reconstruction, storm sewer construction, and street and sidewalk reconstruction were also provided.

Because all the street pavement, sidewalks, and crosswalks were replaced in numerous areas around the South 1st Street site, the overall look of the neighborhood was drastically improved because of the project. This street reconstruction is the perfect example of how Snyder & Associates can tailor their services to meet the needs of any size project.