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Right-Sizing Stormwater Drainage System Key to Residential Neighborhood Project

The tidy, residential neighborhood situated in the south-central area of Fort Dodge is densely populated with single-story, single-family homes. Due to undersized storm sewer pipes, this working-class neighborhood (bordered by 9th Avenue South on the north side and 15th Avenue South, and South 22nd Street to the west and the Union Pacific Railroad yard in the east) has been plagued by street flooding during periods of heavy rain for many years. Snyder & Associates developed a plan for installing larger sewer pipes in the area and providing a more direct egress for stormwater into Gypsum Creek to the east.

Multi-Phase Project to Improve Drainage Issues

two metal stormwater inlets before concrete is added around them

Storm drain replacements in certain locations were sized to handle the stormwater.

This extensive effort will initially focus on South 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th Streets between 14th and 15th Avenues South. Subsequent phases of the project will continue storm sewer pipe replacement, working to the north through the neighborhood. New storm sewer pipes will also be added along 15th Avenue South to carry stormwater to Gypsum Creek. To complete this stage of the project, sections of 15th Avenue South will be closed during construction. However, the closure will be timed to coincide with the replacement of a bridge on the same road to the east.

To keep total project costs in check, the city requested the storm sewer replacement plan have minimal impact on existing roadway pavement in the area. This requirement results in limited areas where street pavement needs replaced. With this parameter in mind, our team created a plan with storm sewer offsets behind the existing curb. This allowed for the installation of new pipes without requiring roadway removal. Additionally, construction activities were confined to the existing rights-of-way where feasible to further help minimize expense.

This extensive project is slated to take several construction seasons to complete. The thoughtful staging plan is designed to limit disruptions to local traffic and homeowners in the area, while the new storm sewer drainage system will reduce the frequency of flooding events. The Snyder & Associates team was responsible for the initial design, as well as the ongoing construction observation of the project.