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West Side Madison Neighborhood Benefits from Upscale, Multi-Family Development

landscaping outside of apartment development

Attractive, low-maintenance landscaping dots the complex grounds.

Attic Angel Prairie Point is a 54-acre community designed for seniors-only, independent and assisted living housing options on the west side of Madison. Wisconsin-based developer, Gallina Corporation, recognized the need for a non-age-restricted apartment community on an adjacent parcel that complements the Attic Angel community and creates convenient living quarters for individuals and families of all ages. The engineers with Snyder & Associates were enlisted to create the site development plans for this building location with an eye on taking maximum advantage of the space available.

The resulting Tuscany on Pleasant View Apartments project consists of two, four-story buildings connected by a two-story central community center and office facility. Offering a total of 170 apartments, the building’s façade has an Italian influence and uses changes in color, texture, and material to break up the scale of the larger buildings.

Dense Building Location Requires Unique Development Solution

detention basin outside of apartment housing options

Several small detention basins provide stormwater protection for the facility.

In order to provide adequate parking for this massive complex that consists of 40 dwelling units per acre, the designers incorporated underground parking garages at each building site that includes 172 resident parking stalls. An additional 97 parking spaces were provided on-grade in the courtyard between the two building wings. Bicycle parking is also dispersed throughout the site and in the underground parking areas.

Since so much of the location was covered with either building or paved parking area, the engineering team had to utilize the remaining landscape areas to meet the infiltration stormwater requirements. The solution was found in the creation of several small bioretention basins scattered around the site. In addition to the stormwater management plan, the Snyder & Associates team also provided topographic survey services, a grading and erosion control plan, utility, landscaping, and lighting plans, as well as handling permit applications.

The creation of the Tuscany on Pleasant View complex has been a welcome addition to the City of Madison in their ongoing quest to meet the housing needs of their growing population. Not only does the Tuscany complex have a positive social and economic impact on the community, it also assists in the completion of the Attic Angels development started over 10 years ago. The Snyder & Associates professionals have the expertise developers and communities desire to create the optimal plan for each unique building site situation.