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Service Planning - Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority

Public Transit

Public Transit: A Vital Component of Complete Transportation Networks

Our multifaceted experience working with transit agencies, cities, and regional planning organizations on ridesharing and transit projects has developed insight and expertise essential to the development and maintenance of effective public transit systems. We understand how numerous elements including route network and structure, service levels, facility design, multimodal infrastructure including last-mile connections, and technology can influence transit system success. Our background working with transit-dependent populations to overcome mobility issues also gives us a unique perspective of the complete passenger transportation network including non-emergency medical transportation, volunteer driving programs, demand-response, and fixed-route transit, and human service agency transportation.

Diverse Transit Planning Experience

Our vast experience includes traffic analysis and complete street design along with traffic and onboard traffic survey and mapping. We’ve also provided engineering expertise for the development of multimodal transportation centers and transit facility expansions. In addition to skilled engineers, we have a team of experienced transportation planners that can guide all aspects of transit planning, park-and-ride planning and development, and transportation studies. Previous project success includes several transit-related projects for CyRide on the Iowa State University Campus.

We are well-versed in numerous funding sources used to develop plans and studies, foster successful transit projects, and start new services. These funding assistance sources include the Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program (CMAQ), STA Special Project funding, and Public Transit Infrastructure Grant funding, among others.

Snyder & Associates Public Transit Services

Needs Studies & Transportation Planning

Understanding your community’s needs is a complex process. There are multiple stakeholders with diverse mobility needs. This requires us to consider a diverse range of solutions. By working with transit agencies, human service agencies, businesses, and transit user groups, we can identify projects and improvements that will increase mobility throughout your entire community.

Service Planning

We assist clients in identifying route and system improvements that increase ridership and provide efficient, effective service. Our approach to identifying improvements is data-driven, using our knowledge of available data and background in mobility management to develop plans that work for all community members.

Park-and-Ride Planning & Design

Through a data-driven process that takes regional commute patterns into account and a design process that intelligently accommodates different modes of travel, we identify ideal park-and-ride locations.

GIS Mapping & Analysis

We utilize the latest geospatial technology to provide spatial analysis and at-a-glance maps that are easy to use and understand.

Public Engagement & Meeting Facilitation

With extensive public outreach experience, we provide public engagement materials and meeting facilitation techniques to maximize productivity.

Ridership & Traffic Operations

We can assist with developing surveys and passenger counts that accurately reflect ridership in addition to identifying traffic operations and safety improvements for transit facilities or corridors.

Structural Engineering

Our experience with institutional and municipal projects allows us to create smart, functional designs for vertical infrastructure projects.

LEED Documentation

Transit facilities offer various LEED credits under the Location and Transportation Category of LEED version 4. The LEED-accredited professionals at Snyder & Associates can assist with the site planning and documentation process for LEED credits.