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Traffic Engineering

Focused on Safety

In the realm of traffic engineering, our foremost concern revolves around ensuring the safety of everyone using the roadways. With this principle at the forefront, our assessments, suggestions, and designs are centered on enhancing the safety and effectiveness of transportation structures. By delving into the history of accidents, we pinpoint design and traffic management enhancements to tackle the most common types and reasons for crashes. These enhancements, based on the latest and most effective approaches, are then formulated to successfully meet project objectives.

Benefiting from a collective experience of over 95 years in traffic engineering, our team possesses a thorough comprehension of all the project elements that influence both traffic safety and operations.

Improving Traffic Operations

Every year, traffic congestion leads to the wastage of billions of dollars due to increased time spent on the road and higher fuel expenses. To tackle and enhance the inefficient nature of traffic operations, our process begins with a thorough examination of the existing conditions. By combining on-site assessments with advanced tools for traffic analysis and modeling, we can effectively scrutinize the operational aspects of intersections, interchanges, and traffic along corridors.

Once we have identified the shortcomings in the current setup, we proceed to evaluate potential strategies that can enhance safety and cater to both existing and future traffic demands. Our extensive experience and diverse expertise uniquely position us to assist you in addressing the concerns of various stakeholders, including policymakers, developers, and the public.

Our proficiency encompasses a wide array of disciplines, including knowledge and application of techniques such as signing, pavement markings, traffic signals, roundabouts, and geometric design. By leveraging these approaches, we strive to optimize traffic operations. We are deeply committed to aiding your community or organization in ensuring that its transportation network is not only efficient but also user-friendly and safe for individuals of all ages and physical capabilities, regardless of their mode of travel.

Planning for Growth & Development

The safety and functionality of transportation corridors can be influenced by the growth and development of a community. To identify and effectively tackle issues within your transportation network, the initial step involves conducting traffic impact or corridor studies.

These studies consider both current conditions and anticipated future developments. Subsequent capacity and safety enhancements that might be necessary include considerations such as managing access points, expanding roadways, creating additional turning lanes, implementing conversions from four to three-lane configurations, installing traffic signals, establishing roundabouts, providing accommodations for bicycles and pedestrians, and ensuring an integrated design approach.

Once the requirements for improvements are established, the field of traffic engineering comes into play to transform these ideas into tangible solutions. Collaborating closely with your team, we can seamlessly incorporate traffic engineering aspects into projects of varying scales and types.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, our familiarity with both national and state design standards, and our comprehension of the unique requirements of your project, we are poised to deliver transportation system enhancements that are not only cost-effective but also prioritize safety and efficiency. The array of designs and plans we can offer encompasses:

  • Traffic signal and communications systems
  • Optimization of traffic signal timing
  • Implementation of roadway lighting
  • Application of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) equipment
  • Utilization of signing and/or pavement markings
  • Formulation of traffic control and staging plans

Rest assured that our expertise will contribute to a transportation system that meets your goals while adhering to the highest standards of effectiveness and safety.

Our Traffic Engineering Services

Traffic & Safety Studies

Various types of studies, including intersection, interchange, corridor, and land development impact assessments, are conducted to assess the operational and safety requirements. The findings from these analyses serve as the basis for formulating recommendations, which are then detailed in comprehensive study reports.

Typically, initiating a study marks the initial phase in strategizing and crafting transportation enhancements. This process involves precisely identifying the necessity for improvements, estimating budgetary costs, and identifying prospective sources of funding. Click here to learn more about our traffic & safety study capabilities.

Traffic Signal Systems Design

Creating effective designs for traffic signals and other traffic control enhancements necessitates a deep grasp of traffic operations, safety concerns, and relevant standards. These factors, in conjunction with the project site’s physical limitations, must all be taken into account to generate improvements that are both functional and economical.

In the context of today’s interconnected and intelligent infrastructure, the integration of communication networks and automated data collection assumes pivotal importance. These elements play a crucial role in the development of smart systems that enhance the efficiency and interconnectedness of our transportation systems. Discover more about how our traffic signal systems design service can improve your network.

Traffic Signal Timing & Coordination

Optimal traffic signal timing and coordination work in tandem to reduce delays and optimize the flow of traffic along a corridor with signalized intersections. This not only enhances the overall transportation efficiency but also bolsters the economic viability of neighboring land use. Our commitment to ensuring effective traffic operations spans the entire process, from initial data collection and traffic modeling to the formulation of timing plans and their on-field implementation.

Traffic Modeling & Optimization

When conducting traffic studies and signal timing projects, we employ specialized traffic modeling software like HCS, Synchro/SimTraffic, and VISSIM. These tools enable us to thoroughly assess and enhance traffic operations. Depending on the specific requirements of the project, simulation modeling might also be essential for a deeper evaluation of operations and to pinpoint areas in need of improvement.

Roundabout Analysis & Design

In contrast to conventional intersections, roundabouts exhibit an inverse connection between capacity and safety. While adding more lanes, increasing lane width, and expanding the central island’s diameter can boost capacity and speed, these changes might compromise safety. To strike the right balance, it’s crucial to assess both immediate and future requirements, aiming for an optimized blend of capacity and safety.

Our design process encompasses thorough performance evaluations to guarantee that the intended safety benefits of roundabouts are realized. We utilize software tools such as HCS, Synchro, SIDRA, and TORUS to iterate through various design options. Moreover, we consider the potential integration of streetscape enhancements and gateway features to enhance the overall livability of the community.

Roadway Lighting Systems

Safety relies on efficient lighting across various settings, encompassing everything from local streets and sidewalks to expansive interstates and parking lots. Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of lighting applications, encompassing tasks like retrofitting LED fixtures and implementing advanced lighting control systems. We undertake a comprehensive approach, employing software like AGi32 for analyzing and simulating lighting designs. This aids in visually presenting real-world lighting patterns, levels of illuminance, and the mitigation of dark sky-related issues.

Funding Assistance

A profound understanding of state and federal funding assistance initiatives, as well as their practical application, is essential to assist you in securing and leveraging external funding resources. Leveraging our extensive expertise in traffic and transportation matters, we adeptly identify relevant opportunities, craft competitive applications, and provide direction for project design and development that aligns with funding prerequisites.

Our track record speaks to our proficiency: we have effectively prepared numerous transportation funding applications, leading to the acquisition of millions of dollars in state and federal funding for our client’s projects on an annual basis. Learn more about funding assistance opportunities here.