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As the Midwest’s leader in the development of multi-use trails, our planners are committed to advancing the safety and efficiency of active transportation networks. Sidepath trails provide safe, efficient routes for non-motorized travel along higher speed or high-volume roadways located within the road’s right-of-way. These shared-use facilities are particularly beneficial in areas with minimal intersection or driveway access, allowing unimpeded travel on the pathway.

In both rural communities and urban cities alike, trails are known as a mainstay for creating an active transportation and recreation network. Check out the following on-demand webinar as Mindy Moore, AICP, Planner for Snyder & Associates, explores usage options, proper intersection design and control, and the need for increased awareness among users of sidepath trails. As a biking enthusiast herself, Moore shares both personal and professional expertise on the subject, as she talks through different elements of sidepaths and the many benefits they provide to a community in pursuit of improved biking facilities.

Sidepath Trails Webinar Agenda

  • What is a sidepath trail?
  • Why do communities build sidepath trails?
  • What concerns do bikers have in using sidepath trails?
  • How can potential issues be mitigated?


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“Sidepaths present a low-stress experience for bicyclists and pedestrians on transportation routes that can be otherwise unsafe. Our team is ready to help you find the bike facility solution that best fits your community’s needs.”

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