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Trail Linkage Enhances Recreation Opportunities & Connects Neighborhoods

The Clear Creek Trail project has emerged as a significant addition to the ongoing efforts to enhance connectivity and recreational opportunities in Johnson County. Stretching over 1.88 miles, this 10-foot-wide Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) trail meanders along the banks of Clear Creek, providing a vital link between the City of Coralville and the City of Tiffin. The two new pedestrian bridge crossings, a side creek crossing via a concrete box culvert, and passages beneath the newly designed interchange at Interstates 80 and 380 are key to its functionality. As leaders in the trail design industry, the professionals with Snyder & Associates provided their expertise to create these new trail amenities.

Navigating Design Challenges & Achieving Milestones

Aerial map of Clear Creek Trail alignment around the Interstate 80/380 interchange.

The red line represents the new Clear Creek Trail alignment around the Interstate 80/380 interchange.

The Clear Creek Trail project faced numerous design challenges, particularly as it runs through a vulnerable portion of the Clear Creek Watershed, ultimately connecting to the Iowa River in Coralville. Addressing environmental concerns, a Wetland Delineation Report was prepared to avoid impacts on National Wetlands. Additionally, comprehensive Hydrologic and Hydraulic reviews were conducted to mitigate backwater effects caused by the trail’s infrastructure, ensuring no rise at existing interstate bridges.

Coordination efforts with the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) were critical, facilitating the acquisition of right-of-way and floodplain permits essential to complete the project. A strategic design approach included the integration of ten pipe culverts within the trail corridor, preserving existing waterways’ functionality without compromising the proposed trail.

Design Integration with Interchange Reconfiguration

Aerial view of pedestrian bridge under construction.

Workers install one of the bridges over Clear Creek.

Anticipating future needs, the trail’s alignment and profile were carefully planned to seamlessly integrate into the DOT’s interchange project with an eye on additional trail connections when funds are available.

Central to the project’s success are the two newly constructed continuous concrete slab pedestrian bridges over Clear Creek, measuring 120 feet and 130 feet, respectively. Our subsidiary, Shuck-Britson, developed detailed plans, including decorative railings and textured concrete, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of these trail bridges while ensuring structural integrity.

Enhanced Connectivity, Elevated Recreation

The completion of the Clear Creek Trail project marks a significant milestone in enhancing connectivity and recreation within Johnson County and connecting the communities on both sides of the newly redesigned interchange. As pedestrians and cyclists traverse its scenic route, the trail encourages active lifestyles and strengthens community bonds. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Snyder & Associates continues to spearhead projects that enrich the fabric of our communities, paving the way for a brighter, more connected future.