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Stay current with our monthly e-newsletter featuring project updates, industry insights, and more.




Snyder & Associates is a multidisciplinary civil engineering, planning, and design firm serving clients throughout the Midwest and nationwide with 12 office locations in five states. Since the firm’s inception in 1977, we’ve focused on building long-term client relationships through responsive, personal service and right-sized solutions. We think beyond engineering, striving to improve quality of life within the communities we serve and call home.

Complex challenges and constrained resources, don’t break our stride—they inspire us. As a result, 94 percent of our clients continue to trust us as an extension of their staff.



With more than 100 transportation engineers, planners, traffic specialists, right-of-way agents, and design technicians on our team, we pave the way for safe, efficient transportation solutions.

Municipal Services

Our firm was founded with municipality needs in mind and has evolved to meet the growing needs of our clients. We work as an extension of staff for our client communities, building relationships that have lasted for decades.


We take the responsibilities associated with water resources seriously and are prepared to help you address any challenge you face with a dedicated team of engineers and environmental scientists.

Public Spaces

Engaging public spaces promote activity, access, and healthy lifestyles for people of all ages and physical abilities. With a focus on enhancing community quality of life, we’ll help you create unique and inviting public spaces.

Land Development

A creative, cost-conscious approach to planning drives our land development team. As an advocate on your behalf, we work to make the best use of available land, maximize investment dollars, and exceed expectations to ensure your needs are met.


Shuck-Britson, a subsidiary of Snyder & Associates, provides full-service structural engineering services. Since 1966, we’ve utilized right-size solutions to overcome structural challenges and bring our client’s visions to life.


Reusing Municipal Wastewater for Ethanol Production

Watershed Restoration & Water Quality Improvements: Easter Lake Park Receives Much Needed Upgrades

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Downtown Revitalization Plan Starts with Market Analysis & Traffic Feasibility Study: Bettendorf


Planning for the Transportation System of a “Smart City”

Using Data to Improve Transportation Systems Functionality As more and more people move to urban areas, the increasing strain placed on infrastructure and resources is a constant concern. To combat this problem, researchers and innovators developed the theory of the “Smart City.” In its simplest form, the Smart City concept is the use of new […]

3D Modeling Paves the Way for Enhanced Construction Methods & Better Quality Control Process

Benefits of Using 3D Modeling Three-dimensional (3D) modeling technology used in the design process is a mature concept in the transportation engineering profession. The evolution of 3D modeling has served as the central conduit for shaping the modern-day digital jobsite. As 3D engineering software continues to improve, the benefits of using 3D modeling continue to […]