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Active Collaboration Propels Roadway Safety Upgrades

Work crew pouring concrete for a roadway

Crews pour a new section of roadway along Old Dubuque Road.

In a strategic move to address safety concerns and bolster regional connectivity, the City of Anamosa required a unique transportation solution to address a regional roadway issue. Tackling the challenges of a hazardous intersection at US 151 and Old Dubuque Road (ODR), the Snyder & Associates team was brought on board to not only enhance the transportation infrastructure surrounding this intersection but also to stimulate economic development in the area by providing a safer roadway alternative.

At the heart of the project lay a collaborative effort between our team, city leaders, and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to close the dangerous junction at US 151 and Old Dubuque Road. The initial phase involved extending Old Dubuque Road northward, linking it with Circle Drive to establish an alternative route for motorists. A pivotal feature of the plan was the integration of a roundabout with east and west road legs, offering improved traffic flow and enhanced safety measures.

The next phase of this regional connection work includes an overpass of US 151 off the east leg of the roundabout. While this design is not yet scheduled for completion, earthwork for the approach was developed and constructed to allow for advanced preparation of grade settlement.

Challenges & Adaptive Solutions Lead to Safer Routes

Navigating transitions in city administration presented a unique set of challenges for the project team, requiring adaptive coordination efforts to ensure project continuity. With four turnovers in city leadership, maintaining engagement and transparency through regular updates at City Council meetings became paramount. Additionally, managing construction alongside a contractor and an adjacent land developer demanded meticulous oversight to safeguard the city’s interests.

The extension of Old Dubuque Road bolstered connectivity around the US 151 interchange and provided a safer route for travelers navigating northeast Anamosa. The closure of the hazardous intersection encourages all east-west traffic to utilize the grade-separated East 3rd Street to cross the highway. Furthermore, the project unlocked access to the Anamosa Commercial Park, previously reliant solely on US 151 for ingress and egress. This newfound accessibility amplifies the park’s appeal to businesses, augmenting its viability as a prime commercial hub.

Personal Milestones for Community as Project Concluded

Man cutting ribbon to open new roadway

A ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorated the opening of the new roundabout and roadway.

Beyond infrastructure enhancements, the project’s impact resonated deeply within the community. An emotional ribbon-cutting ceremony marked closure for families who had endured losses at the former intersection, underscoring the project’s significance in promoting safety and well-being.

While the completion of the project’s next phase, an overpass of US 151 off the east leg, remains pending, preparatory earthwork sets the stage for seamless integration. Collaborative efforts with the Iowa DOT yielded funding allocations, with Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) funds earmarked for construction. As Anamosa’s landscape undergoes a transformative evolution, the US 151 Grade Separation and Roundabout is a testament to the city’s commitment to safety, connectivity, and sustainable development. The project propels Anamosa towards a brighter, more connected future with each milestone.