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Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning with an Engineering Foundation

Our transportation planners work side by side with municipal and traffic engineers, landscape architects, and environmental scientists to provide a comprehensive, data-driven planning approach that strengthens the safety and efficiency of transportation networks. As stewards of the network, the public relies on us to deliver solutions that improve the movement of people and goods while being mindful of environmental and social sensitivities.

When planning for your community, we’ll focus on:

    • Land use
    • Corridor building within the network
    • Multimodal considerations
    • Limited capital and operating budgets
    • Emerging, intelligent transportation, and smart city technologies

Our collaborative approach enhances network efficiencies to ensure the safe accommodation of all users, regardless of how they travel. It also empowers the creation of strategic transportation plans that account for the technical and social impacts of a community’s corridors.

Building Community Vision for Transportation Projects

Supportive community stakeholders are an essential component of project success. Our public engagement processes are designed specifically for each project to establish local ownership and address system deficiencies with community support. During each phase of your project, we’ll coordinate with funding authorities, regulatory agencies, public officials, emergency responders, and other stakeholders to guide project success. Our goal is to develop a group of community stakeholders that continue to support the community’s efforts to improve the network after the plan is adopted.

Multimodal Transportation Planning

Safe and efficient accommodation of multimodal transportation is essential to community livability. Through review and analysis, our team of transportation planners and engineers identify opportunities for improved multimodal connectivity. With your community’s transportation vision in mind and knowledge of current and future land use, we’ll help you prioritize and develop multimodal facilities that strengthen your transportation network.

Snyder & Associates Transportation Planning Services

Transportation Master Plans

Building on your community’s comprehensive plan or other planning efforts that include aspirational goals for multimodal transportation, we’ll take the engineering and land planning step further to determine specific projects and prioritize them. With construction and long-term maintenance costs in mind, we can also help you explore funding opportunities.

Intelligent Transportation System Master Plans

Recent talk of connected and autonomous vehicles can be a little overwhelming. We’ll help you navigate the process to understand the technological and operational changes required to efficiently manage traffic now while preparing for what the future holds.

Transportation Policies

Sound and reasonable transportation policies and ordinances provide a community with direction to address concerns and implement solutions. Our expertise with policy development includes neighborhood traffic calming, street parking, access management, crosswalk location/type, and more.

Traffic Impact Studies

New developments often generate new traffic patterns and higher traffic volumes, so it’s vital to evaluate traffic and safety impacts before development occurs. A traffic impact study will help you plan and prepare for intersection or traffic control improvements that may be needed.

Corridor Master Plans

A corridor master plan will provide you with a clear understanding of how various modes of transportation are accommodated in your community and where opportunities for improvement exist.  We can also help guide revitalization strategies for adjacent properties and create development plans for new corridors in growing areas.


Federal funding often requires a comprehensive evaluation of environmental, social, and economic impacts before improvements can be made. To expedite the NEPA process, we develop thoughtful project purpose and need statements and live by those statements when developing right-sized solutions that avoid or minimize adverse impacts to sensitive areas.

Planning & Environmental Linkages (PEL)

We follow the PEL approach when developing location plans for new or improved corridors to incorporate environmental and community values early in the process. This approach helps to build relationships, streamline project delivery, and ultimately results in transportation programs and projects that better serve the community’s needs.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plans

We’ll review your community in its entirety to optimize bicycle and pedestrian accommodation. Historical data for suggested accommodation strategies are provided by our team to assist stakeholders in reaching informed decisions that promote community vitality and connectedness.

Smart City Planning

Smart Cities use new approaches, relationships, and technology to better engage citizens, deliver services, and enhance their systems. We help communities achieve their goals through regional collaboration, sharing best practices, and utilizing technology to continuously improve our services.

Public Engagement & Meeting Facilitation

Building community support and addressing legal requirements are streamlined through a variety of web-based and personal engagement strategies tailored to your community’s unique needs and desires. We’ve found that when the process to provide input for the corridor planning phase is simple, the feedback for the plan is more robust.