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Stream Restoration & Stabilization - Cedar Rapids, IA

Water Resources Engineering

Restoration & Enhancement

Our team comprises engineers, environmental scientists, planners, and landscape architects passionate about restoring and enhancing natural water resources. We are fully equipped to handle projects of any complexity level. Our diverse group of experts specializes in restoring rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds, always striving for long-term solutions. Leveraging our extensive experience in constructing, maintaining, and removing dams, we also assist clients in identifying efficient infrastructure options that offer environmental benefits.

Optimizing Natural Environmental Systems

We possess the capability to create projects built upon solid engineering principles while enhancing the environmental integrity, economic prosperity, and visual appeal of natural systems. Our comprehensive method of tackling project obstacles assists us in crafting top-notch, budget-friendly solutions that captivate public attention and encourage an understanding of and care for the environment. Through forging strong connections with diverse regulatory bodies, we excel in smoothly navigating the environmental permitting and compliance procedures, ensuring your project remains on schedule and within budget.

Our Water Resources Services

Rivers & Streams

Unstable river or stream channels can pose risks to nearby properties or structures. Moreover, the continuous erosive process of streambank undercutting and sloughing leads to a decline in water quality. The sediment resulting from the erosion of banks and the development upstream can gradually accumulate in downstream lakes and ponds, causing significant negative impacts on water quality and habitat. Our expertise lies in evaluating stream and river channels and devising enhancements through a range of services:

  • Streambank Stabilization & Restoration: Streambank erosion is the primary contributor of pollutants to most streams. We have successfully stabilized extensive stretches of streambank utilizing a diverse array of methods. Our approach ensures streambank stability and integrates considerations for habitat, visual appeal, and long-term capacity. This comprehensive approach combines engineering with environmental concerns to achieve optimal results.
  • Channel Realignment: Certain projects necessitate adjusting existing drainage channels. In these cases, we meticulously design the realignment to prioritize public safety, align with all permitting requisites, and closely resemble the conveyance and habitat of the original channel.
  • Recreational Enhancements: Our team of planners and landscape architects excels at seamlessly incorporating recreational features into various types of water projects, enhancing both the functionality and enjoyment of these spaces.

Lakes & Ponds

When not properly maintained, lakes and ponds can shift from regional attractions to troublesome nuisances. The accumulation of sediment from upstream sources and shoreline erosion leads to cloudiness and reduced depth, negatively impacting fish habitats and other aquatic species. The influx of pollutants and nutrients further results in algae growth and vegetation problems. With a primary focus on restoring pond depth, enhancing water quality, and tackling upstream concerns, our expertise encompasses the following areas:

  • Dredging: We excel in designing and executing dredging improvements in wet or dry conditions to address sedimentation issues effectively.
  • Habitat & Fishery Improvements: Our skill lies in designing features that enhance aquatic habitats, benefit the underwater ecosystem, and provide recreational opportunities for users.
  • Shoreline Restoration: We assess existing conditions and create designs for shoreline enhancements that mitigate erosion, enhance aquatic habitats, and improve overall lake accessibility and usability.
  • Sedimentation Control/Water Quality Improvement: Our team specializes in crafting designs for constructed wetlands, sediment basins, check dams, and similar control structures to manage sedimentation and enhance water quality.
  • Recreation Improvements: Through thorough site evaluation, we design elements like boat ramps, docks, and fishing access points to improve the recreational experience.
  • Lake Dredging: Dredging is often the sole solution to restore a lake’s original storage capacity. We deeply understand the interplay between dredging equipment, pumping requirements, and managing dredged materials to ensure project success.
  • Forebay Design: Frequently overlooked, the design of a forebay—an area at the inlet of a pond—can significantly extend a pond’s lifespan by facilitating the easy removal of sediment.

By skillfully addressing these aspects, we ensure lakes and ponds remain vibrant and valuable assets within their ecosystems and communities.


In most cases, every dam necessitates ongoing maintenance, potential upgrades, and eventual removal. Our team can assess your dam’s condition, assisting with necessary maintenance and upgrades. While not common, new dams can also be constructed for various purposes like creating water features, ensuring water supply, enhancing habitats, or improving flow equalization.

Recently, a robust movement has emerged advocating for removing aging dams. This aims to reduce risks to both humans and animals, enhance the health of streams and habitats, lessen the maintenance burden on owners, and create recreational possibilities. Our team specializes in providing cost-effective solutions for low-head dams and is fully prepared to aid you in your dam-related endeavors, including:

  • Breach Analysis: involves assessing downstream safety in dam failure, which regulators often mandate during dam construction or modifications.
  • Infrastructure Evaluation: Our experts determine the condition and capacity of various elements, identifying necessary maintenance and upgrades to ensure the desired lifespan of the system.
  • Infrastructure Design: This encompasses designing new dams and optimizing/repairing existing ones.
  • Dam Removal, Repair, & Modification: Our hydraulic and structural engineers collaborate to execute vital infrastructure repairs and modifications to align with today’s changing environmental conditions.
  • Environmental Improvements: Following dam removal, the restoration of the area might be imperative to enhance habitats and recreational possibilities.

Additional Water Quality Protection & Enhancement Services