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Early Planning Pays Dividends for Roadway Projects

Transportation funding programs are an essential need in the United States. America’s network of roadways and bridges is critical to economic vitality and global competitiveness. However, deteriorating conditions across the nation have created a dire situation. The National Transportation Research Group (TRIP) estimates that nearly 44 percent of the country’s major roads and bridges are in urgent need of repair or expansion. Additionally, nationwide traffic congestion costs motorists over $160 billion a year in wasted time and fuel costs.

These statistics will hardly come as a surprise to community leaders around the Midwest where harsh seasonal weather conditions worsen roadway conditions at an accelerated pace. In Iowa, however, city and county leaders have numerous options at their disposal to help fund needed repairs. The Iowa Department of Transportation has compiled a “Guide to Transportation Funding Programs” that explains many of these programs and the criteria that have to be met to participate.

The professionals at Snyder & Associates are well-versed at navigating the numerous funding programs available and tailoring projects to meet certain program standards. Some of these programs have various approval methods and specific application deadlines while others accept applications year-round. But early planning is the best course to ensure your project receives the funds it needs.

aerial view of crosstown connector

The Crosstown Connector system required multiple funding streams.

Transportation Funding Programs 

Two particular Iowa programs that our teams have assisted our clients with to great success are the Traffic Safety Improvement Program (TSIP) and the Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program (ICAAP). Below is an overview of each program with critical dates to keep in mind:

Traffic Safety Improvement Program

Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program

Of course, these snapshots do not encompass every facet of each program. Our experts can help you make project decisions that maximize your funding potential. Please use the form below to get a conversation started.

Additional Transportation Funding Programs to Consider

Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE)

Iowa Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP)

Urban-State Traffic Engineering Program (U-STEP)

County-State Traffic Engineering Program (C-STEP)

  • C-STEP provides funding to Iowa counties for projects that solve traffic operation and safety problems on primary roads outside incorporated cities

Highway Safety Improvement Program – Secondary (HSIP-Secondary Program)

Pedestrian Curb Ramp Construction

  • Provides funding to assist Iowa cities in complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on primary roadway corridors

All of these programs have distinct, project-specific criteria that must be observed and application requirements that must be met to qualify for funding. Our team can help you determine if one of these programs might be advantageous to pursue. Using your communities Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and/or budget, we can find projects that might benefit from an outside funding program like those mentioned above. We’ll also look at projects that are slated two or three years out that might meet program criteria to supplement local funding.

With our extensive presence around the state and familiarity with tools such as the Iowa DOT crash tool and regional long-range transportation plans, our professionals can work with you to efficiently identify the hot spots experiencing traffic safety and congestion issues in your community. Though we focus on Iowa-based programs here, Snyder & Associates has an expansive reach around the Midwest with 12 office locations in five states, most of which have similar transportation funding options. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of transportation funding programs in all of the communities we touch to help our clients align projects with funding sources available in their region.

Use the form below to contact your local Snyder & Associates office to find out how we can help identify funding options to keep your projects moving forward.

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