Athletic Facilities

Developing Right-Size Solutions

Athletic facilities are more than just a place to play ball. They are a destination that builds school and community pride, generates revenue, and provides economic benefits to the surrounding area. However, in order to benefit, you need more than just a field with bleachers, and there’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution. To maximize athletic facility benefits and meet the needs of all users, we begin by gaining a deep understanding your athletic programming needs and goals.

By interviewing coaches, maintenance staff, players, and spectators, we gain a comprehensive vision for the facility from multiple stakeholders. This also allows us to learn about project support and available resources. The amount of time associated with data collection can be minimized through strong organization and leadership that encourages participation with the design team.

Preliminary design and data collection are very important, especially when working with existing drainage and soil types. This work starts early in each project and must be fully understood before selecting field locations and service needs. Addressing all available options and aspects of design from natural and synthetic turf to parking, concessions, and other amenities help tailor our approach to provide you with comprehensive, sustainable solutions.

More than Sports Field Designers

From preliminary design to final construction review, we specialize in the management of the entire project. We understand the challenges associated with completing projects during a summer break or one construction season. Through research, planning, and experience, we anticipate and provide contingency plans that address circumstances ranging from weather to unknown drainage or soil conditions to avoid project delays.

Prior to bidding, we identify opportunities to speed up your construction schedule. In an effort to exceed expectations and fulfill your vision, our staff quickly responds when construction questions or issues arise.

Staying Ahead of the Game

From multi-sport complexes to small parks and recreational fields, our experienced team of landscape architects, planners, and engineers is prepared to make your vision a reality. We incorporate improvements from the perspectives of spectators, concession volunteers, and maintenance staff—not just athletes and coaches. To keep our knowledge of equipment and best practices current, we regularly attend conferences specializing in critical aspects of construction and installation. We are skilled at maintaining project schedules, completing milestones on time to ensure project success.


Our Services Include:


Master Planning

Our master planning and conceptual design services provide a strong foundation for thriving athletic complexes. Recognizing athletic complexes aren’t typically built as a single project, we help clients program and implement the development and construction of projects to fit with public or private funding opportunities.


Cost Estimating

Through strong relationships with suppliers and prominent contractors, our construction cost data is up-to-date, allowing us to provide you with accurate cost estimates that maximize resource spending.


Sports Field Design

Our team specializes in athletic and sports field design by understanding standard field sizes, options for field amenities, construction methods, and the latest equipment.  After discussing the most common amenities offered by other schools and municipalities in your area, we’ll assist you with selecting the most appropriate level of enhancement to keep you competitive and within budget.


Maintenance Programming

We’ll guide you with tips and best practices for long-term facility maintenance to keep your investment in peak performance condition.