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Stadium Playing Field Upgrades Spur Improvements at Cyclone Sports Complex

Home to one of the most popular horticulture programs in the country, Iowa State University takes great pride in developing and maintaining its many sports facilities with its “in-house” talent. A case in point is the recent upgrades completed at Jack Trice Stadium and the soccer field at Cyclone Sports Complex.

The desire for a natural grass field like at Jack Trice Stadium led to the prospect of replacing the synthetic soccer field at the Cyclone Sports Complex with a natural grass field. The ISU team contacted the landscape professionals at Snyder & Associates to assist with the design decisions, develop a grading plan, and recommend an irrigation system for this natural grass project.

Hybrid Stitching Reinforces the Field Quality

drainage lines on a soccer field

A new irrigation system was installed to help maintain the field and ensure it receives exacting irrigation requirements.

Though the natural grass blend proves highly durable, the team implemented a new technology on the soccer field called GrassMax Hybrid Stitching. As the name implies, hybrid stitching uses synthetic fibers and a highly specialized machine to stitch them into the existing natural grass to reinforce the surface and provide root stabilization. The synthetic fibers also stabilize the sand layer, ensuring the evenness of the playing surface.

A hybrid stitched field provides the safety and playability of a natural grass surface with the durability and versatility of a synthetic playing field. After the new sod was installed on the soccer field, the synthetic hybrid stitching process was completed in September 2023.

Developing and maintaining turf aligns neatly with the Iowa State University horticulture program’s teaching objectives, supplying a vital service for the university. Additionally, having an in-house world-class horticulture program is a tremendous benefit to the sports programs and athletes at Iowa State University. Our landscape team takes great pride in working with these faculty-led professionals while providing first-class amenities for the next generation of collegiate athletes.