Applying the principals of chemistry, physics, and biology, we customize solutions to specifically address the challenges our clients face. We help clients obtain reliable water supplies, meet government regulations, and protect the communities they serve.  This is accomplished by optimizing systems to efficiently and responsibly manage water quality and availability.

Our Water Department’s primary mission is to help plan, operate, and maintain the infrastructure and organization necessary to supply a high-quality, reliable water supply for household, commercial, and community needs. In addition, we are also committed to assisting clients with sustaining and enhancing their region’s watersheds and quality of life by managing wastewater and stormwater effectively.

Water is one of the most powerful and versatile resources on planet earth. Stormwater can be abundant at the same time drinking water can be scarce. Water is used to maintain sanitary conditions within homes, then collected, treated, and discharged to a water body. It can also exist as a recreational resource for a community and a thriving habitat for natural ecosystems. We provide engineering services to clients no matter what stage of the water cycle they are in.