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2D Floodplain Mapping - St. Joseph, MO

Stormwater Management Planning

Right-Sized Plans for Effective Stormwater Management

Stormwater management presents an evolving and intricate challenge for regions throughout the country. Both rural and urban areas share growing apprehensions regarding the damaging potential of water through flooding, erosion, and water quality problems. Yet, through effective planning, these challenges can transform into opportunities to enhance the overall health of a specific environment.

As a natural resource and an integral part of the water cycle, stormwater must be preserved and protected. The Snyder & Associates professionals take this responsibility seriously — bringing together industry best practices, design standards, and the natural environment to create smart solutions.

Delivering Multifaceted Stormwater Management Solutions

We have a team of engineers, environmental scientists, planners, and certified floodplain managers who specialize in stormwater management planning and offer a comprehensive array of services. We don’t adhere to a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we customize our recommendations to suit your site, requirements, and budget, whether that involves developing innovative designs or utilizing established methods.

Our enduring client relationships are founded on a commitment to responsive, individualized service. This approach enables us to develop an in-depth understanding of local stormwater and water quality challenges. By having a solid grasp of the environment, geographical context, and the specific needs of local jurisdictions, we have accumulated an unparalleled wealth of experience in managing various projects.

Developing Watershed Management Authorities

In the past, stormwater management planning was typically managed separately by different jurisdictions, often without considering the boundaries of watersheds. Through our involvement in shaping Watershed Management Authorities (WMA), we have observed the positive impact of jurisdictions collaborating to enhance water quality and mitigate flooding. We take pride in our role in fostering these enhancements and are enthusiastic about utilizing our expertise to support other watersheds.

Dedicated to Improving Water Quality

Employing cutting-edge research to formulate innovative solutions holds significant importance in enhancing water quality. An essential aspect of this endeavor involves educating the public and engaging other stakeholders, as the process of improving water quality relies on collective community participation. Our teams are dedicated to leveraging their expertise in planning, environmental science, landscape architecture, and engineering to assist you in resolving intricate water quality challenges.

Our Stormwater Management Services

Stormwater Management Planning

A stormwater management plan offers a lucid comprehension of a community’s water goals or undertakings and identifies areas with potential for enhancement. We will guide you through this frequently intricate process of strategizing and getting ready for your stormwater requirements.

Recognizing that the implementation of various stormwater management practices can optimize scarce resources, our team comprehends the potential to establish a system that serves as a personalized asset rather than mere infrastructure.

Floodplain Management & Permitting

Our close collaborations with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and floodplain regulators at the state and local levels play a vital role in reducing the chances of encountering permitting complications and in acquiring valuable perspectives on planned projects. Detecting and resolving potential floodplain concerns at the project’s early development stages enables us to smoothly navigate through the regulatory procedures. Our comprehensive floodplain management services encompass:

  • Creating floodplain models and maps that adhere to FEMA standards
  • Revising FEMA maps through LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) and LOMR (Letter of Map Revision) processes
  • Conducting hydraulics assessments for bridges and culverts
  • Designing pump stations
  • Establishing base flood elevations
  • Conducting analyses for no-rise certification

Detailed Stormwater System Modeling

Typically, stormwater collection systems remain unnoticed until they become overwhelmed. Even if drainage systems installed many years ago are still structurally sound, the continuous urban growth and evolving weather patterns can render the infrastructure inadequate for current demands. Examining an entire drainage network and the interplay between its components for various rainfall scenarios involves an intricate procedure.

Our team employs sophisticated hydraulic and hydrologic modeling software to pinpoint and enhance suggested improvements to drainage systems. This process enables us to assess the present stormwater circumstances and provide tailor-made solutions for stormwater management.

Stormwater Project Funding Assistance

Implementing stormwater management plans might seem overwhelming when considering the contrast between project expenses and the available budgets. However, there exist numerous funding options to provide assistance. The professionals at Snyder & Associates are skilled in identifying potential funding avenues, drafting grant applications, and managing the requisite documentation to ensure eligibility.