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A real-world Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) scenario is explored from our client community, Adair, Iowa.

Discovering funding sources is an essential piece of a successful CIP. During this podcast Dave Sturm, PE, PLS explains how Snyder & Associates helped the City of Adair meet their budget needs through CIP planning. The town of Adair, Iowa is not a very large community. Our team has been working with this community for nearly ten year. At first, we started with an analysis of all their project needs to help them go through their budgeting process. Through prioritizing and proper planning, they were to complete most of their projects without raising taxes. Project were planned to take full advantage of funding available through agencies. Even though Adair’s CIP is rather informal, they’ve found it beneficial to think through their thoughts, ideas, and projects they’d like to complete to guide the future of community in a positive direction.

Dave Sturm, PE, PLS

Dave Sturm, PE, PLS

Business Unit Leader

Municipal Engineering, Street Design, Trail Planning and Design, Site Planning, Land Development, Airport Improvements, Project Management

City of Adair Client Case Study

We have been working with the City of Adair now for about seven years. We started looking at all their project needs and we got ourselves involved, as well as a local financial advisor to help them go through their budgeting process.

With the help of USDA, CDBG grants, and the financial advisor showing them how they can pay for all the projects that we had put together:

Those projects have all been completed and we’re now working forward on another street project and looking at their sewer system. A couple of years ago they even completed a residential subdivision through all of this financial planning and help from us with cost estimating, exhibits, and finding out ways to pay for this.

The town of Adair is not a very large community at all but they were able to accomplish all of this basically without raising taxes, just through funding agencies and through their financial advisor’s advice. Things have been working great. You have to take the time to sit down with them and create this Capital Improvement Plan, even though for Adair, it’s informal, it’s not really a written-down plan. But we get their thoughts and ideas of what they want to complete and we guide them forward.

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