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Grand Avenue Bridge - Des Moines, IA

Structural Bridge Design

Full-Service Bridge Analysis & Design

Given that one out of every four bridges is either in poor structural condition or outdated in its functionality, it is crucial for contemporary bridge design and engineering experts to possess a comprehensive knowledge of various bridge types in order to address the pressing infrastructure issues of the day.

Our approach involves fostering open-mindedness and collaboration within our team as we partner closely with our clients to comprehend their specific needs and objectives. With a team comprising more than 20 structural engineers, designers, and technicians, we are well-equipped to provide swift and efficient responses. We offer a wide range of services encompassing structural bridge design, engineering, and planning, making us a reliable choice for all aspects of your bridge project. Leveraging our firm’s extensive experience and abundant resources further strengthens our ability to anticipate and proactively address challenges associated with structural bridge design.

Supporting Communities through Structural Engineering

We prioritize building strong client relationships while offering a comprehensive range of bridge design and engineering services, including inspection, evaluation, repair, rehabilitation, strengthening, design, and load rating.

Our commitment lies in delivering practical structural engineering solutions and providing insightful guidance, ultimately leading to sustainable bridge designs. Throughout the entire process, from concept to execution, we ensure that both new and existing bridges are highly functional and designed to meet safety standards for their current conditions. Our distinct level of service and expertise sets us apart in several key ways:

  1. Reliable Results: Our multidisciplinary team encompasses experts in areas such as roadway design, surveying, hydraulics, environmental considerations, utilities/site planning, and landscape architecture. This diverse team enables us to anticipate and proactively address project challenges, resulting in clear and comprehensive specifications that minimize the need for clarifications during construction.
  2. Collaboration: We work closely with clients, stakeholders, and specialized experts to identify unique site challenges and develop innovative structural bridge design solutions. Strong relationships with regulatory agencies streamline the project permitting process.
  3. Strategy: During the concept phase, we identify realistic and appropriate bridge designs that aid in budget forecasting, securing funding and effective project planning. We can also break down large structural bridge design projects into smaller phases to ease the financial burden of improvements.
  4. Adaptability: When necessary, we have the flexibility to accelerate bridge design schedules to meet project funding goals or accommodate contractor needs, ultimately reducing project costs and optimizing resource utilization. We are well-versed in public/private partnerships and alternative contract delivery methods.
  5. Responsiveness: Throughout every project stage, from initial concept to construction and project closeout, we prioritize swift and efficient responses to ensure the project stays on track and progresses smoothly.

Our approach is centered on client satisfaction and the successful execution of bridge design and engineering projects, ensuring safety, functionality, and sustainability.

Our Structural Bridge Design Services

Bridge Concept & Feasibility Studies

To ensure clarity in our planning process, we begin by identifying and comprehending your project’s objectives and requirements. This initial step enables us to assess the feasibility of the project and establish both budgetary and scheduling parameters.

We then conduct a thorough evaluation of the project site to ascertain potential bridge types, their required lengths, and deck configurations. This assessment incorporates hydraulic analysis findings, considers the needs for roadway planning, and takes into account the limits of the right-of-way (ROW). By integrating these factors, we can optimize construction depths, span lengths, and configurations for various bridge types, ensuring an efficient and well-informed approach to your project.

Structural Bridge Design

Type, size, and location (TSL) plans provide a comprehensive visual representation of the intended bridge and site conditions. This includes details on buried and exposed utilities, grading, the alignment of channels, and roadway lines. These plans also confirm horizontal, vertical, and hydraulic clearances, as well as right-of-way (ROW) boundaries.

In our final plans, we present a thorough set of construction details that are designed to minimize the need for construction-related inquiries, thereby reducing the workload for inspections and administrative tasks. These plans are accompanied by detailed specifications and requirements, which simplify the review of material submissions and help minimize the potential for change orders. Our goal is to optimize the structural bridge design elements to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness in the project.

Bridge Rehabilitation & Restoration

Whether your bridge project involves widening to accommodate increased traffic, strengthening for heavier loads, or restoration to preserve its historical significance, we have the expertise to help you make the most of your bridge investment.

Our comprehensive bridge rehabilitation process kicks off with a meticulous bridge inspection and evaluation, aimed at assessing the current state of the bridge and identifying necessary repairs. We also conduct a load rating analysis to determine the bridge’s current load capacity. This information feeds into the development of a detailed cost estimate, alongside a comprehensive report outlining the bridge’s condition and providing recommendations for required repairs. These documents serve as valuable tools in securing project funding.

By combining our extensive experience and structural engineering expertise, we craft innovative bridge designs complete with detailed plans. This approach enables the bridge to function effectively in a modern context, extending its lifespan and achieving these goals with optimal cost-efficiency.

Construction Administration/Bridge Construction Engineering

Our construction engineering services are designed to support contractors during bridge construction. Collaborating closely with contractors, our aim is to tailor our services to their unique needs and preferences. Here are some of the specific services we offer:

  1. WEAP Analysis for Pile Driving Graphs: We conduct WEAP (Wave Equation Analysis Program) analysis to develop precise pile driving graphs, ensuring the efficient installation of bridge foundation elements.
  2. Bridge Demolition Plans: We provide comprehensive plans for the safe and efficient demolition of existing bridges as part of the construction process.
  3. Bridge Beam/Girder Erection Plans: Our plans outline the procedures and requirements for the proper placement and assembly of bridge beams or girders, facilitating their installation.
  4. Cofferdams: We offer solutions for constructing cofferdams, temporary watertight enclosures, and to create dry workspaces in aquatic environments for various construction activities.
  5. Temporary Shoring: Our services include designing temporary support structures to ensure the stability and safety of construction operations during the bridge-building process.

For transportation projects that we design, we also provide construction review services. This can range from a limited set of services to comprehensive resident engineering, where we oversee and inspect construction activities to ensure they align with the project’s design and quality standards. Our goal is to support contractors in delivering successful bridge construction projects.

Funding & Grant Writing Assistance

Our bridge design and engineering team boasts years of experience in seeking financial assistance from both state and federal sources. We are well-equipped to assist you in navigating the funding process, crafting grant applications, and managing all the necessary documentation required for each funding service.

Bridge Inspection & Load Rating

Our team of experienced structural bridge designers excels in conducting thorough inspections, which serve multiple purposes such as identifying deficiencies, ensuring safety, and supporting funding efforts for projects aimed at addressing these issues.

Our inspectors undergo rigorous training in compliance with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and National Highway Institute (NHI) standards to meet the requirements of the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS). Furthermore, they are well-versed in meeting the inspection requirements set forth by State Departments of Transportation (DOT) and local municipalities. These inspections not only help maintain safety but also provide critical data used to populate the National Bridge Inventory (NBI).

In addition to routine inspections, our staff is specifically trained for handling fracture-critical inspections and conducting inspections in confined spaces. We also collaborate with underwater bridge inspection firms to offer comprehensive bridge inspection services.

Moreover, our experienced team can provide load ratings for all legally permissible trucks and can even provide special ratings for permit trucks. Our commitment to comprehensive inspections and our expertise in compliance with regulatory standards make us a valuable partner in bridge maintenance and safety.