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Cross-Town Connector Upgrades Street Network

Fort Dodge Iowa Roundabout

Artist’s Rendering of the S. 6th St. Gateway.

The Snyder & Associates team performed a traffic study and provided streetscape design services for the City of Fort Dodge, which investigated the creation of a continuous corridor that connects the west side of town with the east side, allowing the downtown business district to serve the entire community better. Numerous alternative routes were developed, and different intersection treatments were evaluated as part of this traffic analysis. Ultimately, our team advocated for creating the Cross-Town Connector along 1st Avenue South, which included the construction of two roundabout intersections and removing 13 traffic signals. During the upgrade process, the overhead utility infrastructure was buried along the corridor to improve the aesthetic appeal and provide better pedestrian accommodation within the narrow rights-of-way. This corridor transformation significantly improved the operations of the local street network.

Roundabouts Provide Ideal Environment for Gateway Features

Along with the roadway improvements, our team also coordinated the addition of gateway features at both roundabout locations to enhance the corridor’s aesthetic character further. At the 1st Avenue South and South 6th Street roundabout, our team developed plans for installing metal banners affixed to tall poles. These decorative metal banners were chosen for their attractiveness and durability. The banners can also be easily changed for seasonal displays or special promotions.

sculpture at night time

The metal banners are displayed at the 1st Avenue South and South 6th Street roundabout locations.

Further east along the corridor at 1st Avenue South and South 12th Street, a 32-foot-tall clock tower was positioned in the roundabout’s center. Our team created plans for this impressive structure and used 3D modeling software to review several different design options for the client. Our designers also used the software to position the clock tower for the best and most effective vantage point for drivers and pedestrians to achieve maximum exposure to the clock’s four faces.

At both roundabout locations, low brick pedestals help create a visual tie between the historical brick structures downtown and the more modern banners and clock tower. They also help provide a backdrop for accent plantings and lighting features. Site-specific plant material and complete irrigation systems were also included to reduce maintenance requirements.

City leaders wanted to install gateway markers at the entry points to the downtown region for many years. Considering their popularity with residents, more features are planned at other locations as streetscape improvements continue.