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Industrial Site Development Projects & Services

Engineering for Industrial Site Development

The demanding design specifications for heavy and light industrial development sites require a focused and resourceful team of professionals with the unique qualifications to get the job done safely, efficiently, and on schedule. Snyder & Associates employs an integrated team approach to project engineering through our seasoned group of engineers, scientists, planners, and project managers. We develop industrial site designs that satisfy all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements while meeting the operational and safety needs of any industry.

Industrial sites require safe and easy access to the national highway system for truck traffic or rail spurs for delivery of bulk ingredients. We’ll help you make informed location decisions based on your product, production schedule, flow of goods, labor situation, and distribution needs. Additionally, we’re well-versed in transportation and distribution analysis, as well as the unique needs of high-cube warehouses, pre- and post-distribution cross-docking operations, and manufacturing and logistics centers. Our hands-on industry knowledge means that we understand how these facilities work to enhance your entire supply chain process. Further, our teams exercise absolute discretion with our client’s proprietary information.

With a veteran core of engineers and scientists, we deliver interdisciplinary solutions for the development and upgrade of water and wastewater systems, as well. From food processing to industrial manufacturing, our experience encompasses feasibility studies, water storage and distribution options, and new facility construction planning. Whether you need in-house waste treatment or customized pretreatment options to meet municipal discharge requirements, we can handle the most challenging wastewater conditions. We’ll develop thorough Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Spill Protection Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans that exceed compliance codes.

Our comprehensive service offering also allows us to excel in the development of particularly complex sites. We assist our clients in determining how a selected property can be efficiently developed for its intended use. We examine regulatory requirements, physical and legal site constraints, operational needs, and constructability issues. With decades of experience serving the industrial market sector, Snyder & Associates understands the unique requirements of these facilities helping to ensure that projects meet the client’s needs while satisfying budget and schedule constraints. Our creative design efforts — grounded in reality — are at the core of our project delivery success.

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Featured Industrial Projects

Albaugh Industrial Park Meets the Business Needs of Growing Industrial Base​

Situated in the unincorporated area south of Ankeny, the Albaugh Industrial Park provides immediate access to the bustling Interstate 35 corridor. While this industrial park project began nearly two decades ago as a two-plat, light industrial development, it has since grown into an enormous undertaking encompassing 185 acres. Snyder & Associates has been engaged with D.R.A. Properties, owners of the park, since 2003 performing site development work for this ever-expanding project.

Challenging Site Considerations for New Kwik Trip Fuel Blending Facility

Owning their fuel blending facilities allows Kwik Trip to efficiently switch between winter and summer fuel blends. Snyder & Associates was retained to create a site plan for their newest location in the Madison area. Construction of the new fuel blending facility was slated for an industrial-zoned section in the Village of McFarland with numerous wetland areas, high groundwater, poor soils, and challenging topography with which to contend. Our team assisted Kwik Trip leadership in determining the best location for the blending facility.

Reusing Municipal Wastewater for Ethanol Production

In alignment with the shift to reduce the large amounts of freshwater used in ethanol production, the new ethanol plant in Cass County, Iowa is transforming wastewater into a cooling resource for ethanol production. Snyder & Associates was selected by the Cass County Board of Supervisors to develop a plan for this transformative greywater transmission project. The innovative use of treated municipal wastewater within the ethanol production process garnered this project a 2019 Grand Prize Engineering Excellence Award from the ACEC of Iowa.

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