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Commercial Development Provides Value to Expanding Community

The Des Moines metro area has experienced exponential growth over the last two decades, both in new residents and business. The city’s central location at the crossroads of two major interstate systems makes it a prime location for companies of all sizes. Developed by Dennis Albaugh, founder of D.R.A. Properties, the Albaugh Industrial Park was created to meet the needs of businesses by providing light industrial space on the north side of Polk County.

Situated in the unincorporated area south of Ankeny, the Albaugh Industrial Park provides immediate access to Corporate Woods Drive and the interchange along the Interstate 35 corridor. This industrial park project began nearly two decades ago as a two-plat, light industrial development containing 185 acres. Snyder & Associates has been engaged with D.R.A. Properties since 2003 performing site development work for this ever-expanding project. Our design team is currently working on the 10th plat. While most of the plats contain numerous individual lots, the park is designed to accommodate light warehouse distribution, manufacturing, and other multi-tenant structures and provides a variety of lot sizes, marketable to a broad base of potential owners.

Detention Basin System Highlights Site Development Services

A project of this scope requires a large amount of concrete for new roadways, parking areas, and other outdoor areas. This in turn creates the necessity for adequate stormwater mitigation measures to safely move rainwater along the proper channels. Through meticulous design and accurate grading efforts, the Snyder & Associates team addressed the stormwater requirements for this expansive building site. Additionally, our mitigation efforts surrounding numerous wetlands allowed for the incorporation of several water feature amenities and a comprehensive regional detention basin system.

Our team also assisted with the negotiation and acquisition of an abandoned railroad right-of-way in collaboration with the Polk County Conservation Commission. Running adjacent to the industrial park, the acquisition of the rail line allows for designed trail improvements on an expanding rails-to-trails program.

The professionals at Snyder & Associates have extensive experience working with commercial real estate developers nationwide and can provide the survey, analysis, and planning services necessary for land development projects. The Albaugh Industrial Park in northern Polk County is a prime example of the type of work our team can do that enables communities to grow in a healthy and well-regulated manner.