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Shelter House & Trailhead - Terry Trueblood Recreational Area, Iowa City, IA

Park Planning

Enhancing Community Value Through Green Space

Unique and welcoming parks and public spaces offer more than just places for outdoor activities. They play a vital role in enhancing the local environment and reflecting a community’s unique culture and values. Whether we’re talking about small neighborhood parks or expansive green areas, the creation of engaging community spaces requires careful planning and collaboration.

At Snyder & Associates, our approach begins with an in-depth exploration of your community’s recreational objectives. We partner with various community organizations to gather data and facilitate public input to better understand the diverse needs and preferences of different user groups. We also assess existing parks and consider expected community growth to determine the most effective use of available land.

We pay close attention to how design details can impact public safety, water quality, aesthetics, and the preservation of natural habitats. The influence of amenities such as decorative lighting, informative signage, and multi-use open spaces is also considered. By the time your project is completed, it will not only promote but also add value to its surroundings. Our designs are driven by the community’s established goals and needs, ensuring practical and intelligent solutions.

Park & Recreation from Concept to Reality

The planning and design team at Snyder & Associates acknowledges the numerous advantages of parks and recreational spaces, spanning environmental, social, and economic realms. However, we also fully grasp the intricate challenges you encounter, encompassing everything from securing funding to ensuring maintenance, safety, and managing stormwater effectively. Being a comprehensive firm, we have the capability to handle nearly every facet of your project by tailoring our solutions to match your specific needs and resources.

Our Park Planning Services

Comprehensive Park Planning

Comprehensive park plans are designed to enhance and build upon the unique character that your community values. They establish objectives for improving the quality of life. Our team will work with you to articulate a clear vision and develop practical strategies to realize your community’s goals for parks, open spaces, and trails. This approach aims to elevate the livability and vibrancy of your community.

Furthermore, we offer valuable insights into how your community’s park systems and services compare to those of other communities. Through our collaborative project approach, we prioritize community involvement and seek to garner support for the project from residents and stakeholders.

Park Master Planning

We start the design process by conducting a thorough site analysis and needs assessment. During this phase, we consider site programming priorities as we develop concept designs. We’ll work closely with you and key stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of your goals and priorities. Together, we’ll refine the project vision until it aligns with your vision. Our team will then consolidate all these inputs into a single, comprehensive master plan that will serve as the guiding blueprint for the successful execution of the project.

Public Engagement

Our approach to public outreach encompasses various methods, including public stakeholder meetings, user group interactions, surveys, and online tools. These techniques are designed to actively engage the community, gather valuable feedback, and efficiently collect data.

Park Site Design

To ensure the creation of a well-functioning park, we focus on various elements including seating, shade, sidewalks, pedestrian access, landscaping, and recreational amenities.

Construction Scheduling & Bidding

Our team of skilled engineers and landscape architects specializes in conducting cost-benefit analyses and creating accurate project budgets. To address budgetary concerns effectively, we frequently adopt a phased project approach. This approach enables us to develop specific project components in alignment with community needs as the master plan is implemented, making the most efficient use of the available funding.