Funding Assistance

Helping You Close the Funding Gap

From safety upgrades to routine maintenance, infrastructure improvements can be costly.  For many communities across the Midwest and beyond, funds are limited, enabling the ability to address all system deficiencies.  We understand the struggle municipalities face with constrained financial resources and have worked with hundreds of communities to procure funding from outside sources for transportation and utility infrastructure needs.

To match your community with available funding sources, we begin by evaluating your infrastructure needs. Our staff will prepare project work plans in conjunction with community improvement programs to assist with planning efforts, so outside funding opportunities aren’t missed. Through a combination of federal, state, and other funding sources, we can guide you in closing funding gaps.

Three Steps to Funding Assistance Success


We begin every project without preconceived ideas or agendas and focus on active listening to our clients as the first step to achieve project success. This allows us to obtain important data that enables us to assist our clients in solving complex issues. Early on, we create opportunities for clients and project stakeholders to share their project goals, offer suggestions, and fill us in on any local challenges that may emerge during design and construction.


With a strong understanding of the project background and potential challenges, we strategically plan how to meet all project goals. This includes developing a schedule of work tasks, communicating strategies with key stakeholders, and assigning appropriate resources to complete each project phase. We also focus on preliminary financial planning that includes potential outside funding sources because many require time to apply and secure.


Our trained Project Managers will work with funding agencies such as metropolitan planning organizations, regional planning affiliations, natural resources and transportation departments, and state finance authorities to identify funding sources that align with solving project needs. We provide technical assistance to our clients to justify outside funding. As an extension of your staff, we can complete and submit funding applications on your behalf.

While there are no guarantees when applying for outside funding, our clients are often highly successful in meeting their funding needs once applicable sources are identified. In the past decade alone, we have provided guidance, application assistance, and designed infrastructure projects for communities totaling over $1 billion.

Our Expertise Includes:


Capital Improvement Plans

Working alongside your staff, we systematically review all community projects, prioritize them, identify funding opportunities, and create a general timeline for completion. The result is a Capital Improvement Plan, which serves your community as a five to 10-year planning and fiscal management tool.


Revenue Based Funding


Public & Private Partnerships



With an understanding of your community’s unique needs and any established policies or precedents, we can help avoid potential assessment pitfalls, guide policy development, work with property owners, and propose creative solutions to achieve community objectives.


Outside Funding Sources