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Future Land Use Map - Indianola, IA

Community Planning

Planning to Enrich Community Livability

Thoughtful community planning is essential to create sustainable, vibrant, and equitable communities that people are proud to call home. With that in mind, at Snyder & Associates, we guide communities in identifying and pursuing their vision of the future.

Beginning with the initial stages of community engagement through the adoption of the plan, we use a comprehensive, forward-thinking approach. Community input from local leaders, property owners, and other stakeholders is gathered through public engagement sessions and online media strategies. Using this input, we guide stakeholders to reach confident, informed goals and objectives.

By collaborating with stakeholders and utilizing the diverse expertise of our team, we craft plans that carefully consider community character and needs to improve community quality of life. From plan development through implementation, we coordinate with public officials, regulatory agencies, funding authorities, and other stakeholders to foster project success. With a focus on community resources and character, we create plans with clear strategies for implementation.

Planning for Community Resiliency

Our goal is to guide the development and implementation of plans that promote healthy, resilient communities that are capable of responding and adapting to change. We work with our clients to understand the unique interplay between social dimensions and the built environment that affects their community’s ability to recover from social, environmental, and economic setbacks. We analyze natural disaster data, looking for patterns, and suggest cost-effective solutions. For unexpected economic events like statewide downturns or the loss of a local employer, we can help create plans to stabilize losses while encouraging recovery and growth.

Snyder & Associates Community Planning Principles

We strive to implement our firm’s community planning principles throughout the lifetime of a project. These principles include:


Best practices for planning and engineering are only effective if they fit the character and needs of the community. We work closely with our clients to facilitate public and stakeholder engagement throughout the planning process to ensure their plans have the support needed to move forward.


Our plans emphasize environmental and economic sustainability by utilizing best practices for efficient land use, infrastructure planning, and engineering that are adapted to our clients’ unique needs.


Every project affects people differently depending on their proximity and personal circumstances. We incorporate sensitivity and situational analyses into our projects to ensure that costs and benefits are distributed equitably and certain demographics are not disproportionately affected.

Natural Resources Management

Natural resources should be carefully utilized or protected to limit ecosystem impacts and prevent resource loss. We offer a range of services to help manage natural resources, including wetland delineation, bat and avian inventories, mapping, and NEPA compliance for publicly funded projects.


Our goal is to assist in the development and implementation of plans that foster healthy communities capable of responding and adapting to economic, environmental, and social change.

Transportation Planning

We work closely with clients to determine the best options for their community’s transportation and budgetary needs. From expanding transportation options to increasing traffic safety and mobility, our planning and engineering team can lend expertise.

Smart Development

As your community grows, we help determine the best areas for future development to minimize conflicts, improve quality of life, and maximize site development potential.

Snyder & Associates Community Planning Services

Comprehensive and Land Use Planning

Land use plans are designed to guide the future actions of a community. The plan presents a vision for the future, with long-range goals and objectives for all activities that affect the local government. We develop land use plans that are designed to make communities more desirable by considering existing land use, and compatibility with social and environmental factors. Our plans are also reinforced by collaborative public engagement to maximize community quality of life.

Growth Management

Annexation studies evaluate both the benefit and cost of incorporating land into a city to ensure it’s in the best interest of the city and the property owner. Our studies evaluate land use, zoning, population projections, infrastructure, and taxable valuation, along with direct and indirect services provided, to make informed annexation or 28E agreement decisions.


Housing studies review existing housing stock and development trends through the collection of building permit history, market data, economic trends, and demographic characteristics. Our housing studies determine how the community compares regionally while identifying needs and recommendations to stay competitive and diverse.

Quality of Life Enhancements

With each community plan and study we complete, our goal is to maintain or create a unique sense of place and identity. This is done by incorporating design strategies that revolve around physical health, family, education, employment, safety, and sustainability. Our projects take a comprehensive approach to improving neighborhood livability and encourage smart growth.

Public Facilities & Services

We review existing public facilities and services to determine a community’s capacity for future growth. Recommendations are provided and prioritized to address existing shortfalls or anticipated future needs to improve quality of life.

Infrastructure Planning

Our comprehensive plans address infrastructure needs and emerging trends. We provide engineering-backed mapping, recommendations, and funding options for utilities, multimodal transportation, transit, roadway design, community facilities, and geographic information systems (GIS).

Master Planning

Master plans target the development or revitalization of a neighborhood, downtown, park, or public space.

Multi-Modal Transportation Planning

Our transportation plans take current needs and future demands into account to create safe, efficient transportation networks while maintaining community character.

Implementation Strategies

A broad range of measures and a wide variety of people and organizations are necessary to implement the goals and objectives of a comprehensive community plan. We identify funding sources, responsible parties, and prioritize projects to ensure our plans are implementable and serve as a valuable planning tool.

Ordinance & Policy Updates

We review community ordinances and policies to address emerging trends, ensure that local regulations align with applicable state and federal laws, and keep communities competitive for economic growth. Our proactive approach helps establish ordinances and policies that regulate responsible community growth and development practices.

Public Engagement & Meeting Facilitation

A variety of in-person and online techniques are used to engage our client communities. We may lead an open house, charrette, focus group, or piggyback onto an existing event such as a farmers’ market or community fair. Online engagement may include project websites, social media, interactive mapping, and surveys.