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Funding Assistance

Helping to Close the Funding Gap

From necessary safety upgrades to regular maintenance, making improvements to infrastructure can come with a hefty price tag. Due to limited funds, communities often find it challenging to address all the shortcomings in their systems. We recognize the difficulties that municipalities encounter as they grapple with financial constraints. Our experience involves collaborating with hundreds of such communities around the Midwest to help them secure funding from external sources for their transportation and utility infrastructure requirements.

To connect your community with potential sources of funding assistance, our initial step involves assessing your infrastructure needs. Our team will create project plans that align with community improvement programs. This collaborative approach aids in planning endeavors, ensuring that opportunities for external funding are not overlooked. By tapping into a mix of federal, state, and other funding channels, we can provide you with guidance to bridge the gaps in funding.

Our Method for Funding Project Success


Incorporating client and stakeholder feedback, we evaluate project feasibility, financial requirements, risk, and impacts to facilitate proper project planning.


Our team will strategically position your project to acquire funding and financing with expedited implementation in mind.


Utilizing methods tailored to your specific project needs, our experienced team will move your project through the process of funding preparation and procurement.

While securing outside funding is never a certainty, our clients frequently achieve substantial success once suitable sources are pinpointed. Just within the last ten years, we have facilitated guidance, aided in application processes, and contributed to the planning of community infrastructure projects that collectively exceed $1 billion.

Our Funding Assistance Services

Capital Improvement Plans

In collaboration with your team, we will methodically assess all community projects, establish priorities, pinpoint potential funding avenues, and formulate a broad schedule for their execution. This process culminates in the development of a Capital Improvement Plan. This plan serves as a valuable tool for your community, offering a five to 10-year framework for both planning and fiscal management. Click here to read more about our capital improvement planning efforts.

Revenue Based Funding

Balancing debt service levies is crucial for maintaining competitiveness in economic development, all the while making efforts to enhance infrastructure conditions. Our expertise lies in crafting appropriately scaled solutions that harness utility and economic revenues to support enduring infrastructure and development endeavors.

Public & Private Partnerships

We guide communities through financial hurdles to address changing infrastructure demands by fostering inventive collaborations spanning both public and private domains. These partnerships tap into unconventional funding channels, aiding communities in surmounting their financial constraints. The goal of these public-private partnerships is twofold: to enhance the community through fresh economic development opportunities and to enhance overall public well-being through improved infrastructure.


Comprehending your community’s distinct requirements and any existing policies or precedents, we can assist in sidestepping possible assessment challenges, shaping policy formulation, collaborating with property owners, and suggesting innovative approaches to realize community goals. Discover more about how our assessment knowledge can benefit your community or organization.


In the face of decreased public funding, fundraising has gained heightened importance in park development. Our team of skilled landscape architects specializes in crafting distinctive and compelling visions that inspire donations and foster community engagement.

Outside Funding Sources

We are naturally adept at consistently tracking federal, state, and local funding prospects for infrastructure enhancements. As regulations shift and fresh constraints arise, we engage in collaborative efforts to pioneer funding approaches that align with the objectives of each community’s infrastructure planning and construction endeavors.