We optimize traffic operations through innovative techniques and technology to improve the performance of complex highways, traffic circulation, and multimodal facilities. Our services enhance the efficiency of multimodal transportation systems while making safety the first priority.

Our team is led by Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOE) and includes planners, engineers, and technicians.

Our expertise includes:

  • Traffic and Safety Studies
    • Study types:
      • Freeway/Interchange (IJR, IOR)
      • Corridor
      • Intersection
      • Access
      • Safety
      • Traffic Impact
      • Traffic Signal Systems
      • School Sites and Routes
      • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
      • Railroad Crossings
    • Study elements:
      • Data Collection/Traffic Counts
      • Traffic Forecasting
      • Traffic Operations Analysis
      • Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis
      • Safety Analysis
      • Recommendations
      • Functional Design
      • Cost Opinions
      • Benefit/Cost Analysis
      • Public Involvement
      • Report Preparation


  • Traffic Engineering Design
    • The services we offer include:
      • Traffic Signal Systems
      • ITS
      • Traffic Signal Timing and Coordination
      • Signing and Pavement Markings
      • Roundabout Analysis and Design
      • Traffic Control and Staging
      • Roadway and Parking Lot Lighting


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