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Drinking Water

Water Treatment Engineering to Improve Water Quality & Systems

We offer creative and cost-effective water solutions that cover the entire process from sourcing and treatment to delivering clean water for consumers. Our focus is on maintaining water quality. We assess drinking water systems and offer different options to meet the specific needs of communities. By collaborating closely with our clients, we ensure that projects stay on track in terms of goals, budget, and timeline. Throughout this process, we keep a close watch on various factors that contribute to the success of the project.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance in Water Treatment Facilities

Many water treatment facilities are encountering new regulatory mandates or shifts in source water chemistry that their existing systems are incapable of addressing. Utilizing advanced water treatment systems might involve high costs and be unfamiliar for the personnel in charge. To effectively address this, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the system and establish a well-defined plan.

Our team possesses substantial expertise and experience in water compliance processes. This enables us to pinpoint sustainable solutions and offer recommendations to help you achieve your clean water objectives. Leveraging our extensive field experience, we can provide assistance from the initial stages through the implementation of upgraded technology until your staff becomes well-acquainted with all its facets. We have cultivated enduring partnerships with clients of all sizes, allowing us to cater to the requirements of projects spanning a wide spectrum.

Our Drinking Water Treatment Engineering Services

Water Treatment System Analysis & Planning 

Whether you are aiming to revamp an already established water treatment facility or embark on a new construction project, the foundation of making cost-effective and smart choices lies in conducting a thorough analysis of your water system. Our team meticulously assesses these systems, ensuring alignment with existing codes, regulations, and design standards.

Subsequent to this assessment, we furnish a detailed report that offers comprehensive insights into the various components of your water system. This encompasses a scrutiny of source water data, an evaluation of treatment procedures, and an analysis of the distribution system, often incorporating hydraulic modeling or other pertinent data.

Drinking Water Funding Assistance

Drawing upon our extensive experience and expertise in water system funding, as well as our familiarity with external funding sources, we will provide you with clear guidance throughout the process of securing essential funding for your drinking water projects. Click here to learn more about our drinking water funding assistance services.

Water System Project Permitting

Our team possesses a comprehensive background encompassing all facets of water system permitting. Moreover, we have cultivated strong and productive relationships with regulatory personnel. We engage in frequent coordination with these agencies, particularly during the initial project phases, to guarantee seamless project scheduling without interruptions.

Certified Water Operator Contract Services

Our certified water operators are actively involved in the treatment industry on a daily basis, granting them an intimate comprehension of the challenges and complexities that operators encounter. Whether your water treatment plant needs temporary support or long-term services, our proficient professionals can guarantee the optimal and compliant functioning of your treatment plant, ensuring efficiency throughout.

Water Treatment Facility Design

We have a demonstrated history of consistently generating high-quality construction plans and specifications for water treatment facilities. These plans are designed in a way that contractors find comfortable, and this often translates into advantageous outcomes for our clients during the bid pricing phase.

Potable Water Distribution System Design

With a portfolio comprising more than 200 potable water projects successfully executed, we have honed a profound understanding of water system operations and design. Leveraging this expertise, our specialists can offer precise project recommendations, ensuring the accurate delivery of water to customers via water mains, pump stations, and water storage facilities.

Drinking Water Treatment Process Design

Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, extending from basic disinfection systems to comprehensive treatment facilities catering to both ground and surface water sources. Employing a data-driven approach to planning, we deliver a holistic design for the treatment process that fully addresses the drinking water requirements of your community.

Selecting Source Water Supply

Whether it’s groundwater wells or surface water sources, our experts are well-equipped to aid you in identifying the most suitable water source that effectively serves your community and fulfills its requirements.