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Owner Representative

Guiding Informed Decisions & Project Success

Being an owner representative means our team collaborates closely with you, bringing our extensive knowledge and dedication to your project. We’ll approach the project from your point of view, considering design aspects, scheduling, costs, obstacles, and potential risks. By conducting thorough research, we’ll furnish you with the necessary information to make well-informed choices.

Our designated owner representatives have a wealth of experience in various areas, including community development, dealing with municipalities and regulatory agencies, working with design professionals, managing construction, and engaging with the public. When we combine their expertise with our company’s wide-ranging resources, it equips our development team with the critical elements required to ensure the success of your project and benefit your community.

Building Lasting Partnerships through Owner Representation

Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to establish enduring partnerships with national companies. This commitment is underpinned by our well-refined internal operational systems, which have evolved over years of serving our clients. Our owner representatives diligently acquire deep insights into your business practices and incorporate them throughout the project’s planning, development, and construction phases. Our thorough understanding of our client’s operations and our unwavering dedication have resulted in decades-long partnerships with a diverse range of clients, including:

  • National travel centers
  • Regional grocers
  • Utility and energy providers
  • Residential and commercial developers

The specific services we provide in this role are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our Owner Representative Services

Real Estate/Location Evaluation

We possess a comprehensive grasp of your spatial and infrastructure requirements, enabling us to proactively identify potential site challenges. We then initiate a thorough evaluation, which serves as a critical go/no-go decision point. This evaluation concentrates on the following key aspects:

  • Assessing how your specific needs can be met or affected at locations
  • Evaluating the potential influence of local development processes on the achievement of project goals
  • Identifying possible funding sources and streamlining the application process
  • Actively pursuing mutually beneficial solutions with community development leaders

Scope & Schedule Development

Creating a meticulously planned scope of work is essential for establishing accurate project expectations and for ascertaining the following:

  • If the project design is appropriately scaled to the requirements
  • Whether additional studies or environmental clearances are required
  • If certain aspects of the community’s development code align with the project’s objectives

Given our owner representatives’ experience from both public and private viewpoints, we are adept at striking a balance between stakeholders’ preferences and necessities, public interests, city staff review criteria, and other pertinent project development factors.

Design Management & Project Development

Our scope of work can encompass various responsibilities, from overseeing project design to acting as the primary point of contact for the community. Our owner representatives are ready to assume the level of project ownership that aligns with your preferences. What sets us apart is our proactive approach to project management, which influences how we engage with project design collaborators and stakeholders. This proactive approach is a distinctive aspect of our service that you will find highly valuable.

Bidding Services

To attract competitive bids from contractors, we furnish comprehensive and straightforward bidding documents that effectively convey the project’s goals. We also take into account factors such as structuring bid packages to promote streamlined construction services and the timing of when bid packages are released.

Oversight of Costs

Cost management begins at the outset of due diligence with the preparation of conceptual cost estimates. While creating initial budgets might seem straightforward, it’s important to note that they are based on incomplete information. Therefore, having experienced professionals is crucial. To ensure that project costs remain within control, budgets should be reviewed at key milestones during the project development process.