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8th Street Gateway Improvements - Altoona, IA

Site Development

Efficient Land Use & Development

Our approach to site development aims to efficiently incorporate all the proposed improvements on your intended property. This approach is founded on a deep understanding of municipal requirements and the expertise of well-coordinated design teams dedicated to creating organized and cost-effective site development plans.

Here’s how we do it: After our initial meeting with you and an assessment of the jurisdiction’s requirements, we identify the necessary permits and zoning regulations. Once this is established, we begin crafting a preliminary site concept plan. This proactive approach ensures that we can create a plan that aligns with the initial requirements right from the start, reducing the risk of redesign delays caused by permit review comments later in the process.

Our Site Development Services

Maximizing Property Use & Functionality

An effective site design, which prioritizes the smooth flow of both pedestrians and vehicles, is essential for a site to function well. Starting right from the early stages of design, we collaborate closely with you and the project architect. Our focus is on resolving circulation-related issues and implementing design improvements that not only manage development costs but also ensure the continued functionality of the site. These improvements include:

  • Creating separate pathways for pedestrians and motorists whenever feasible.
  • Reducing conflicts between motorists and pedestrians in crosswalk areas.
  • Removing dead-end parking spaces.
  • Incorporating double-load drive aisles to optimize parking efficiency.


We enhance project efficiency by tailoring the permitting schedule to align with the specific land development timelines of each municipality. Our expertise in site planning and established connections with jurisdictional planners and engineers ensure a streamlined permitting process for you.

Grading Design

To achieve effective drainage and harmonize the site with its natural surroundings, we establish both a grading design and a stormwater management plan during the site development process. Additionally, we create a 3D site model that serves two key purposes: first, it helps calculate the quantities of earth to be removed and added (cut and fill volumes), and second, it facilitates clear communication with contractors regarding earthwork costs and potential design alternatives.

Stormwater Management

We understand that different communities have specific and diverse water quality standards. To address this, our team of landscape architects and engineers work closely together on the grading design and stormwater management plan. This collaborative effort ensures that the site development effectively manages drainage and integrates with its natural environment.

Furthermore, all our completed projects adhere to the best management practices for stormwater routing and handling. Leveraging our experience, we can identify cost-effective and efficient solutions tailored to your land planning project.

Landscape Design

Landscape design involves several key elements, including the strategic utilization of available land, the choice of low-maintenance plants and materials, and the effective design of functional planting areas to enhance the overall site. When you engage one of our landscape architects at the initial stages of your project, we can seamlessly integrate a site that not only functions well but also adds aesthetic appeal to the overall design.