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Public Sector Site Development Projects & Services

Civil Engineering for Public Facilities Site Development

Public facilities support the many services and functions provided by state, county, and municipal governments and are essential for the vitality of an established community. Encompassing public works facilities, libraries, and fire stations to name a few, these facilities cater to a broad range of personnel, clientele, and infrastructure needs and directly contribute to the overall quality of life of its citizens. Faced with the need to expand, renovate, or build an entirely new public facility, civic leaders know they can turn to the professionals with Snyder & Associates to provide the “all-under-one-roof” professionalism they need.

The Snyder & Associates team understands the planning, design, and construction nuances of all public facility types and is able to meet the most demanding site challenges. These facilities are often considered difficult to site because of potential adverse impacts related to size, bulk, hazardous characteristics, noise, or public health and safety. The potential size of some essential public facilities may warrant significant environmental mitigation to protect critical habitats, aquifer recharge zones, or other environmentally sensitive areas. We have a fully-staffed team of scientists and environmental experts ready to solve the most complex siting issues. In some instances, ongoing operational needs of the facility should play a key role in site selection, as well.

We’ll strive to blend facility site design with existing architecture in the area and compatibility with adjacent land uses, all while minimizing environmental impacts and transportation concerns. When it comes to public facilities site development, Snyder & Associates delivers top-quality service and experience, working in partnership with you to meet your current and future facilities development needs. By combining our partnership approach with a broad range of services, we efficiently deliver large and small projects across the Midwest, and beyond, to help generate the return on investment you desire.

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Featured Public Facility Projects

Modern Facility Consolidates Iowa City Public Works Municipal Operations

For years, Iowa City Public Works (ICPW) utilized several sites to house different departments and equipment. With the goal of consolidating multiple departments in one centralized location, the city enlisted Neumann Monson Architects to create a plan for developing a 14-acre, city-owned tract on the south side of town. The civil engineering team with Snyder & Associates was brought on board to provide their expertise for this multi-disciplinary design project.

Ankeny’s New Civic Building Houses Library & Council Chambers

When the City of Ankeny first explored the idea of constructing a new library in 2010, they explored designs for a civic building that would be located in the still-developing “District” at Prairie Trail subdivision. The building was intended to provide space for a new city hall while at the same time double the size of the current public library. A subsequent $8.5 million bond referendum put to the voters in 2017 passed with an overwhelming majority of residents in support of the project. Shuck-Britson (a subsidiary of Snyder & Associates) was brought on board to design all structural engineering components of the plan.

LEED Certification Highlights New Madison Fire Station 14

In order to prepare for anticipated population growth and reduce response times on the southeast side of town, the City of Madison recently completed the construction of a new, 20,000 square-foot, fire station. The new Fire Station 14 features spacious living areas, training facilities, and multiple support spaces, including small meeting rooms and a large community room for public use. The incorporation of open green space around the facility was designed to accommodate fire department training needs and provide the city with room to expand the facility in the future. As the lead Civil Engineer, Snyder & Associates provided a variety of services for this ambitious project.

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