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Infrastructure Planning

Helping Communities Overcome Evolving Infrastructure Challenges

Amid the busy routines of our daily lives, it is pretty standard to overlook the significant impact that modern infrastructure has on our surroundings. We often fail to consider it unless something goes awry or disrupts our regular activities. However, from systems that treat wastewater to the construction of roads and bridges, infrastructure plays an essential role in enhancing the livability of our communities. It shields us from floods, ensures the availability of clean drinking water, and facilitates safe and efficient travel.

A thoughtful approach to planning infrastructure is crucial for maintaining our communities’ resilience and smooth functioning. As factors related to the environment, society, politics, and finances become increasingly intricate, finding the right balance between a community’s needs and wishes demands a strategic approach. We view this challenge as an opportunity to engage in problem-solving and steer communities’ growth toward success.

Through a diverse team consisting of planners, engineers, landscape architects, environmental scientists, and land surveyors, we offer a novel perspective on devising comprehensive solutions. We consider your specific timeline and budget, assisting you in exploring various possibilities and making well-informed decisions that will ultimately serve the best interests of your community in the long run.

Infrastructure Stewardship Tailored to Your Community

Our passion lies in serving the public and driving positive change through enhancements to infrastructure. Our approach to each project involves commencing with a thorough comprehension of the challenges at hand. This consists of conducting fact-finding exercises and actively collaborating with stakeholders. The valuable input from the community forms the cornerstone for identifying areas of improvement and devising corresponding solutions.

To craft an infrastructure plan that perfectly aligns with your community’s unique needs, we adhere to a meticulously tailored process designed to address the intricacies of the project and its associated complexities. Our goal is the successful execution of the plan. We develop a plan that resonates with all stakeholders throughout every process phase. In essence, no matter what obstacles you encounter, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding you through them and providing the best possible service.

Our Infrastructure Planning Services

Facility Planning

We specialize in providing facility planning for drinking water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater systems. We aim to steer communities toward compliance while fostering a strategic outlook on infrastructure development and expansion. Specifically, regarding water and sewer projects, we adhere to the precise planning and reporting procedures mandated by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). These projects demand meticulous coordination and collaboration to ensure successful execution.

In addition, our expertise extends to land planning and decision-making, where we develop various types of water system models. For instance, these models play a crucial role in water distribution by identifying pressure and flow distribution across the entire pipe network. Similarly, our sanitary and stormwater modeling offers valuable insights into how peak events impact downstream infrastructure, shedding light on potential overburden scenarios. This comprehensive approach allows us to address various challenges effectively, ensuring the resilience and functionality of your community’s essential systems.

User Rate Analyses

Funding plays a pivotal role in infrastructure planning, as advancements in infrastructure are contingent on having the necessary financial resources. Leveraging our extensive experience, we specialize in offering precise rate recommendations tailored to meet specific project demands or align with the community’s broader, long-term planning objectives.

Historically, collecting water and sewer revenue has been the conventional means of covering the operational costs of these deeply ingrained systems. However, in recent times, many communities have adopted a new approach by implementing stormwater payments. This shift stems from the need to address the escalating challenges associated with stormwater management, which are becoming more prominent. This adjustment in funding strategy ensures that communities are equipped to tackle the mounting issues tied to stormwater effectively. Our comprehensive understanding of these funding dynamics ensures that your infrastructure planning is well-equipped to navigate the financial intricacies of these essential systems.

Transportation Planning

Transportation networks stand as a crucial pillar of community infrastructure. As custodians of these networks, we take on the responsibility of enhancing the flow of individuals and goods while being attentive to the environmental and social considerations that come into play. Our dedicated infrastructure planning team considers various factors, including land usage, establishing connections within the network, and providing accommodations for different modes of transportation in every project we undertake.

At every phase of our work, our primary objective is to boost the efficiency of these networks and ensure the safety and convenience of all users, regardless of their chosen mode of travel. This collaborative strategy results in the formulation of a comprehensive transportation infrastructure plan that meticulously addresses the technical and social repercussions within the community’s corridors. This holistic approach paves the way for a transportation system harmoniously aligning with the community’s needs and values. Click here to learn more about our transportation planning services.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Conducting a comprehensive analysis of your community’s regional connectivity and destinations constitutes the initial phase in effectively catering to the needs of multimodal transportation users. Once this assessment is complete, we offer recommendations grounded in data, enabling us to enhance the interconnectivity within the community and facilitate well-informed decision-making. Our approach is driven by a commitment to improving the overall transportation experience while fostering seamless integration between various modes of travel. Discover more about our bicycle and pedestrian planning services here.

Parks Master Planning

Creating distinctive and welcoming parks and plazas that seamlessly blend with and elevate the surrounding environment is achievable through careful deliberation and collaborative efforts. Our process begins by thoroughly examining the current assets within your public spaces. Subsequently, we gather input from the community to uncover any overlooked amenities. This inclusive approach enables us to devise plans that resonate with citizens and are met with enthusiasm for their implementation. Learn more about park master planning here.

Neighborhood & Downtown Master Planning

When planning infrastructure for revitalizing a downtown area or neighborhood, we begin by delving into the reasons that have led us to this juncture. Recognizing the historical context is crucial for shaping a stronger future. We will analyze market trends and gather input from residents and business proprietors to accomplish this. If altering land usage becomes necessary, we will collaborate with the city to formulate a well-structured transition strategy. This plan will address the modifications required and provide comprehensive instructions for the redevelopment process.

Development Reviews

Whether dealing with straightforward site plan reviews, intricate subdivisions, or specialized projects, we customize our development reviews to suit each client’s needs. Our meticulous focus on community code regulations allows us to provide recommendations that align with the community’s fundamental values while ensuring that neighboring properties remain unaffected by any adverse consequences.

GIS & Asset Management

Simplifying the infrastructure maintenance and enhancements process can be achieved by utilizing a GIS database. These cloud-based systems offer a centralized hub for developing, organizing, and analyzing data related to various aspects of infrastructure. This encompasses a broad spectrum of information, ranging from storm and sanitary sewer specifics to water mains and tree data. In tandem with setting up the database, we will also offer training to your team, empowering them to maintain and efficiently harness the database’s capabilities. Click here to read more about the importance of GIS and asset management in a community.

Public Engagement & Meeting Facilitation

For a plan to succeed, it must gain the approval and pride of the citizens who will carry it out. This underscores the vital importance of community engagement. We make the process of garnering community support and fulfilling legal prerequisites easier by employing web-based and personalized engagement strategies that are carefully tailored to each community’s distinct needs and preferences. Our experience has shown that the feedback we receive becomes more comprehensive when the input process is user-friendly. This is achieved by utilizing online engagement tools and communication strategies that we purposefully craft for each specific audience, ensuring a straightforward engagement process.