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Stream Mitigation Bank - Black Hawk County, IA

Environmental Permitting

Achieving Environmental Permitting Compliance

Our team of environmental experts aims to both safeguard and improve the environment while also helping our clients save time and money. We achieve this through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, seeking to find a balance between preserving natural resources and developing the built environment. By staying up to date with regulations, emerging concerns, and best practices, we’re able to tackle challenges preemptively.

No matter how intricate a project may be, we’re here to guide you through the environmental permitting process and offer strategic approaches to ensure compliance with regulations across various environmental areas.

Innovative Environmental Solutions

Our portfolio covers a wide range of projects, including streets, highways, parks, trails, and drinking water systems, reflecting our diverse and ever-evolving experience. Through ongoing education and training, we remain up to date within the industry, consistently striving to create pioneering methods that both conserve our natural resources and foster economic growth. Among our innovative accomplishments is the establishment of the Black Hawk Mitigation Bank, Iowa’s inaugural stream mitigation bank, as well as the employment of rock arch rapids as a creative substitute for dam removal in the Ioway Creek project.

A point of pride for us is our ability to introduce novel environmental permitting approaches that enable our clients to attain their objectives.

Our Environmental Permitting Services

Phase I Environmental Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) play a crucial role in the due diligence and decision-making procedures for both lending and purchasing endeavors. These assessments are also integrated into National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents.

In the Midwest region, our team has successfully conducted numerous Phase I ESAs, encompassing a spectrum of locations – from modest commercial enterprises to extensive industrial facilities and expansive 50-square-mile wind farms. Our evaluation capabilities encompass a wide array of techniques, enabling us to thoroughly assess the land’s underlying conditions and the planned physical enhancements for various properties. Click here to learn more about our phase I environmental assessment services.

Environmental Studies

Our environmental consulting services cover a wide spectrum, customized to align with our clients’ requirements. We emphasize striking a balance between project economic feasibility and the conscientious care of the natural environment. Our clientele includes industrial, utility, municipal, and commercial sectors. We provide an array of services, including producing NEPA documentation, conducting wetland and stream delineations, securing federal and state agency permits, performing due diligence assessments, developing Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, as well as creating Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).

Threatened & Endangered Species Studies

Our in-depth understanding of the Endangered Species Act, coupled with our vast experience in conducting field investigations, empowers us to identify habitats of listed species precisely and effectively within project areas. This allows us to evaluate the significance of these habitats, create effective mitigation strategies, and secure the necessary permits seamlessly. Learn more about the benefits of our threatened and endangered species studies here.

Wetland & Stream Delineation

With a foundation built upon more than two decades of experience, our environmental science team offers comprehensive consulting services that span from the initial wetland delineation to the assessment of wetland impacts. Our adept understanding of wetland vegetation, hydric soils, and wetland hydrology empowers us to conduct delineations that consistently meet the approval of federal and state agencies, eliminating the need for costly re-investigations. Click here to discover more insights into our wetland and stream delineation services.

Wetland Mitigation Planning & Design

In situations where compensatory mitigation is necessary to counterbalance the effects on U.S. waters, we craft mitigation plans that achieve a balance between cost-efficiency and adherence to the stipulations of the USACE 404 permit and IDNR 401 Water Quality Certification criteria. Our comprehensive comprehension of planning documents, encompassing biological assessments and alternatives analysis, expedites the permit acquisition process.

Environmental Permitting

Achieving successful permits is pivotal for the accomplishment of projects. We possess a demonstrated capability to collaborate and engage in negotiations with various agencies, including the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and numerous state natural resources departments. Our objective is to proactively recognize permitting requisites in the early stages of the process, ensuring the continuity of project timelines.

401/404 Permitting

Our team excels at recognizing the necessity for a 401/404 permit during the initial scoping and design stages. Securing these permits prior to commencing construction is instrumental in guaranteeing the project’s timely commencement.

Floodplain Permitting

Our environmental team establishes strong collaborative ties with the Department of Natural Resources and local floodplain managers. These relationships prove invaluable in preemptively addressing potential permitting challenges and obtaining crucial insights into the feasibility of proposed projects.

NEPA Documentation

Engaging the public and adopting an interdisciplinary methodology are integral components of the NEPA decision-making process. Our team possesses extensive familiarity with NEPA regulations and is highly proficient in producing a variety of NEPA documents.

Air Permitting

Staying in line with the continually evolving state and federal air quality laws and regulations presents an intricate route for numerous organizations. We offer a range of air permitting services, including general and Title V permitting, tailored to accommodate various needs and applications.

Thank you for all of your help and assistance in 2016, you have been wonderful to work with. Athene could not have accomplished it without you and your team’s assistance these past several years.

- Scott Lawrence
Building Operations and Facilities Manager, Athene USA, Wetland Mitigation Project