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Industrial Park - Altoona, IA

Land Planning

Strategic Land Planning to Maximize Your Budget

A creative, cost-conscious approach to land planning drives our development team. Regardless of project size, our goal is consistent—to make the best use of available land and minimize construction costs. From tight budgets to fast-tracked schedules, permits, and regulations, there’s no shortage of hurdles to clear. We foresee and mitigate these challenges with multidisciplined expertise grounded in years of practice. A staff of over 200 engineers, planners, landscape architects, surveyors, and other professionals allows us to respond quickly and efficiently during each project phase. The breadth of our experience spans residential subdivisions, educational campuses, commercial, industrial and healthcare facilities for both public and private clients.

Due Diligence: The Foundation of Thoughtful Land Planning

Detailed research is the foundation of project success. From the review of legal documents recorded with your local jurisdiction to endangered species, floodplain, and wetland information accessible through the DNR, we delve deep into the history and current state of your property. Armed with the knowledge of a property’s physical and environmental limitations, concept planning, preliminary layouts, and cost opinion processes are streamlined with greater accuracy. From this step forward, we strive to go beyond expectations and build long-term relationships to ensure your needs are fulfilled.

Snyder & Associates Land Planning Services

Property Rights & Restrictions

Through title work and research, we’ll determine how your project aligns with current zoning restrictions and your community’s master plan. To keep the project moving forward, we provide the information needed to support rezoning or plan changes.

Environmental Analysis

To determine project viability and gain a deep understanding of possible challenges, we create a base map of the area and conduct a thorough study of the surrounding environment. This includes an analysis of soil, groundwater, bedrock, infiltration, endangered species, steep slopes, and other aspects that can affect project budgets.

Stormwater Management

We address a variety of components, as required by the local jurisdiction, including rate control, volume control, infiltration, thermal control, and water quality in order to manage stormwater systems long-term. Best management practices for properly routing and handling stormwater are incorporated into every project we construct. Through experience, we develop cost-effective and intelligent project solutions.

Concept Development

With a holistic understanding of your project, we prepare preliminary design concepts that identify important site improvements and proposed building locations. Preliminary concepts can be used for initial meetings with jurisdictions, cost budgeting, and the collection of topographic and geotechnical surveys. Concept planning will uncover the majority of project development challenges during the due-diligence period before additional money is spent on detailed design work.

Initial Budgeting

Long-standing relationships with contractors and suppliers, in addition to the volume of projects we’ve completed, help us provide informed cost opinions. As your project develops, we’ll keep you aware of any changes to the design and development that may impact the cost opinion. Regularly updating cost opinions for your development allows you to track expenses and secure financing as the project moves forward, building your confidence in final construction costs.