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Industrial Rail Spurs - Altoona, IA

Rail Design

Freight Rail Design & Engineering for Industry & Commerce

Whether it involves establishing a new connection for industrial tracks or expanding an existing rail facility, the foundation of optimal engineering designs lies in both technical knowledge and real-world practical experience. Our team possesses extensive experience in freight railroad operations and construction, bolstered by a wide network of industry contacts. This equips us with the necessary insights to meticulously design your facility while deeply comprehending its operational dynamics and on-site challenges.

We possess a thorough grasp of the impact that factors like gradients, curves, and weather conditions have on the locomotive power required for efficient product transportation. Moreover, we are well-versed in understanding the service prerequisites of your connecting railroad. This harmonious blend of practical hands-on experience and technical proficiency affords us a distinctive and well-rounded perspective for formulating your railroad’s design.

Putting Railroad & Traffic Safety First

The interaction among various traffic modes poses a significant safety issue for both railway companies and the public. With this in consideration, our objective is to establish an all-encompassing transportation network that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and economic viability.

Our track record boasts successful fulfillment of projects aimed at enhancing railway intersections and creating separations between tracks and other traffic modes. Whenever feasible and backed by funding support, we prioritize the implementation of grade separation. Furthermore, we are adept at devising alterations for existing crossings at ground level to align with new roadway enhancements or expansions. We can also incorporate amenities for pedestrians or cyclists and contribute to initiatives for noise reduction in designated areas.

Our Rail Design Services

Track Planning

Our team can assist in evaluating the viability of your site’s access to an established railroad, considering factors such as geometry, operational capacity, and the willingness of the carrier to facilitate access. Additionally, we provide cost estimates for the required enhancements and construction work.

Track Design

The Snyder & Associates team provides a complete range of services encompassing track design and structural engineering, guiding your project from its initial stages to a successful operational phase. Drawing from a pragmatic comprehension of railroad operations, we excel in managing the interaction between railroads and industrial activities. Moreover, we are well-equipped to support you in the process of equipment selection, including locomotives tailored to your operational requirements.

Construction Services

Our comprehensive project service package commences with an initial survey and extends through bidding support, contractor selection, construction oversight, on-site construction review, and the creation of record drawings. Our team is also available to aid in project initiation and commissioning processes.

Grade Separation Projects

Central to our objective of achieving zero transportation-related fatalities is the elimination of risks associated with ground-level crossings. These initiatives have led to significant enhancements in safety and notable reductions in traffic-related disruptions. Moreover, grade separations play a pivotal role in bolstering the reliability of the rail network, contributing to the overall efficiency of freight transportation.

Quiet Zones

Quiet zones are designed to minimize the noise generated by train horns as they approach road crossings. This goal is achieved by implementing enhancements at ground-level intersections, ensuring that vehicles and pedestrians are prohibited from entering the crossing while trains are nearing. Our track record in this area encompasses a spectrum of accomplishments, ranging from the installation of comprehensive four-quadrant gate systems to modest yet effective raised median adjustments that discourage vehicles from traversing ground-level intersections when two-quadrant gates are in descent.

Bridges & Structures

The Shuck-Britson team, operating as a subsidiary of Snyder & Associates, specializes in a variety of areas within the realm of bridge infrastructure. Our expertise spans bridge repair and rehabilitation, encompassing steel girder bridges and PPCB bridges, as well as encompassing bridge inspections, culvert design, bridge hydraulics, and the construction of retaining walls.