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Snyder & Associates Shares Long-Standing Relationship with Hospital

Cass County Memorial Hospital has served the City of Atlantic, Cass County, and the surrounding communities for more than 50 years. For the past 15 of those years, Snyder & Associates has worked with the hospital staff on multiple expansion and site improvement projects. These projects have enhanced the services available on-site and have helped make Cass County Memorial one of the best rural hospitals in the state.

In 2008, Snyder & Associates worked with the hospital to design and construct a new parking lot on the northeast portion of the hospital grounds. The Snyder team provided survey work, civil engineering, and construction assistance with agency approvals. This project proved challenging because the parking lot would be located on a hillside, requiring difficult embankment grading and stabilization before paving the parking lot. The designers were able to create a plan for safely and effectively delivering the required result.

When the hospital found the need to add a dialysis center several years later, they again partnered with Snyder & Associates. Our team provided a comprehensive site analysis and design that included stormwater management improvements. The services provided covered not only the plans but also bidding and construction observation services for the grading work. A detention basin near the northeast portion of the building and the parking lot was required to mitigate stormwater issues in the area.

These two projects are just a sampling of the work Snyder & Associates has performed for Cass County Memorial. The long-term relationship we’ve forged with the hospital’s leadership is representative of what we do at Snyder & Associates — deliver quality designs and services that keep our clients turning to us time and again.