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Resurging Wisconsin Neighborhood Benefits from Upscale, Multi-Family Development

view of apartment pool

First-rate amenities make the Catalyst on Main an attractive housing option for Sun Prairie residents.

With the implementation of the West Main Street Corridor Plan in 2006, the community of Sun Prairie laid the groundwork for the redevelopment of this once-thriving corridor. This comprehensive plan created a solid vision of the future and established concrete strategies for achieving that success. In the intervening years, numerous projects have sprung from the roots of the corridor plan, including the ultra-modern, Catalyst on Main mixed-use retail and apartment development.

Located just down the street from the historic downtown area, the Catalyst on Main provides an upscale apartment living environment with an emphasis on tenant amenities. A private gym, swimming pool, underground parking, and adjacent dog park are just a few of the features you’ll find at this high-end facility. A pair of book-matched, four-story buildings combine first-rate living accommodations with street-level retail locations on the West Main Street side of the building. The engineers with Snyder & Associates were tagged to create the site development plans for this building location with an eye on taking maximum advantage of the space available.

Stormwater Management Challenges Require Creative Solutions

In total, the Catalyst on Main integrates 148 living units and more than 5,300 square feet of retail space. Working within the space-constrained parcel, our team provided all of the necessary design work to develop this location, including plans for extensive site grading to accommodate ADA compliant needs, parking lots, water mains, a swimming pool and surrounding deck, and the network of sidewalks and paths that connect the complex amenities. Handling the stormwater needs, however, required our team to explore a more creative solution.

Conventional stormwater management methods such as wet ponds and bioretention basins were not a practical solution at this location for several reasons. First, the elevation of the existing storm sewer and extensive grade changes across the site were prohibitive. Primarily, however, was the cities request to route as much stormwater as possible north toward Main Street — against the natural grade of the site. Additionally, as a redevelopment project, the site was required to meet 40% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) reduction and oil/grease control.

Our engineers provided an innovative solution for the client utilizing a cutting-edge technological advancement in stormwater design. Two Up-Flo® Filter stormwater treatment devices were installed to meet the stormwater requirements for the site. Up-Flo® Filter systems combine sedimentation and screening with filtration to deliver exceptional surface water pollution removal. This was the first project Snyder & Associates completed utilizing these cutting-edge devices. Our team collaborated extensively with Advanced Drainage Systems, Hydro International, the Wisconsin DNR, and Sun Prairie’s engineering staff to properly model the site with these new devices.

The creation of the Catalyst on Main complex has been a welcome addition to the City of Sun Prairie in their ongoing quest to meet the housing needs of their growing population. Snyder & Associates has the expertise developers and communities want to create the optimal site plan for each unique situation.